can i come in?

Discussion in 'General' started by stash_up, Dec 10, 2003.


so would u?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. if you had MJ

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  1. hey if one of us was stranded near your house, would u let us in if we told u we were off the city???
  2. If i knew the person was actually the real person on here well then maybe i would.

    Don't know.

    And where is this ever going to happen?
  3. It depends on the user, rotflmao! :D:D:D

    Of course I would.
  4. I dunno about Ganja Bat and Krazihare!! :D just kidding guys, all this talk is taken with a grain of salt in good humor.

  5. Ofcourse, always :)

    Yes, if I had some way of knowing they were who they said they were, then I would let them in, and blaze a bowl with them.

    EDIT Even AggieSmoker :smoke:
  6. hahaha, yeah, come on in guys! we'll blaze up in my bus, well outside dont wanna stain the headlining
  7. Yes I would!!!!
  8. yeah if you were a super hot chick

    or if you said your name on here

    or if you knew i was chillout

    or if you just wanted to smoke a bowl

    or if you said you weren't a cop when i asked you

    or if i was already blazed

    or if i wasn't going surfing :(

    or if i was going surfing! :smoke:
  9. I'd do it.

    But how would you know to say you're from the city?

    Or would you say that to everyone's house you're stranded near?

  10. ya,all welcome at my home anytime,,,huh ,new blades ,lol.
  11. come on in but you had better have buds to share

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