Can I Change white LED bulb colours...

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  1. as I Find it necessary to add more and more lights to my grow, I have taken to buying plain white LED bulbs and using blue and red sharpie markers to change the colors up a little. I usually put about 2 to 3 coats on as they dry. I already have enough UV bulbs, so this seems to do the trick.
    Amazingly, this has seemed to work very well for me so far.
  2. You do know coloring a white light, blue with a marker,doesn't change that light spectrum from white to blue right????
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  3. lol
  4. As well as shade what illumination there was.
  5. Stop buying screw in bulbs and get a real grow light fixture. They're pretty affordable these days. You're wasting time/money. Bulbs are never as efficient. You're probably using way more electricity then you need and not getting good light from it.

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  6. Every time you put a coating on a bulb it changes more of it's light output to heat instead of light.

    Some hacker growers you have used led bulbs will cut the glass top off of the bulbs. They are considerably brighter when you do that. Try cutting the top off of all your led bulbs. I bet that makes more of a difference in your grow then painting them with markers.
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  7. What are you smoking?

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