Can I change my username?

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  1. Is there anyway to go about this without making a new account? Any help is appreciated.:bongin:
  2. I have the same question. looks like you asked your question around 12 hours ago. I guess response time is slow. I would just open another account. I tried to change mine also and became quite frustrated.
  3. Name changes are the lowest priority and more often than not won't happen unless you have been here for quite a while.

    You would be better off closing your current account and recreating with the name you choose because your only allowed to have one account. So please don't go creating a second account unless you want it to get closed due to having multiple accounts. It will probably take a few days for it to get canceled because I'm pretty sure that there's only one person who manages these things and she's super busy.

    Still have to use the ticket system to cancel account or change name.
  4. Actually Leesh - I don't think we're going to do the whole closing account and starting a new one thing much longer, if at all.
  5. Thank you for that insight WildWill :)
    Is there going to be a way to change usernames or is that going to stay the same where you have to choose wisely when you create your account??
  6. ^^^ I've been wondering the same thing. It would be nice if we could change our usernames more freely.
  7. I personally see nothing wrong with choosing one name and sticking with it. If there's too much leniency with name changes I could see it getting out of hand quickly and becoming a nuisance.
    Every other site that I am on either requires you to pay money (minimum of $20) to change it or you have the option to self delete and starting over with a preferred username.

  8. I don't think there will ever be an "easy" way to change your user name, it's probably going to stay exactly as it is or might even get harder. It's not something that we even want to deal with TBH

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