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Can i buy weed with my vertical license?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lolkfursure, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. going to colorado next week. im 22 so i should be able to flash my ID and get some green no problem, but my friend scared me and said i wont be able to buy it cuz in texas you dont have to renew your license when immediately when you're 21 so my license is still vertical, but the birthdate would show im over 21. you guys think ill have any problems? its a little too late to order a new ID cuz it takes like 2 weeks for the real one to come in and i definitely dont wanna go up there with a paper ID.. idk just let me know what yall think.
  2. If you're 21 or over and your ID says so, you're good.
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  3. Your Id must be a valid one... if you are wondering call a dispensary and ask.
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  4. yes its valid state issued non expired just is vertical and has the words under 21 until (my bday 2016) its well into 2017 so i should be ok right?
  5. What the hell is a vertical id? Is it standing upright or something
  6. as opposed to the picture being landscape format with pic on left and writing on right my ID has the pic on top and writing on the bottom
  7. So fkn what as long as it's a legal id.
  8. thats what i thought i was just worried cuz a friend of mine said it wouldnt work at the dispensary
  9. As long as it's legal and not expired it's a legal document
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    I worked once at a liquor store in a particular state which isn't Colorado. They have embraced the vertically oriented id for minors as well, and I can tell you that whether or not this is the case in Texas, in that state a vertical id was not acceptable as a valid id for the purposes of buying alcohol, even if the person is over 21. When they turn 21, they need a new card. THEN they can buy alcohol. This was a matter of state policy, not our personal policy. Additionally, oddly, a military ID was not on the list of acceptable forms of ID, either. I'll also say that in most cases where I was, clerks were not necessarily well trained in figuring out whether or not an out-of-state ID is legitimate.

    I'm not saying that it wouldn't be legal for you to buy in Colorado with your ID, I have no idea if it is or not. However, just because in Texas you are apparently able to buy alcohol without renewing your ID first, that doesn't mean that a business in Colorado is going to accept it, if guidance from the state has required them to do otherwise OR if they are simply unsure and want to protect their business from possible harm caused by making a mistake in checking ID.

    The states in which I have lived make your ID while you wait, but when applying for a passport I learned that for extra fees you can have the process seriously expedited. Call up your BMV/DMV and ask if this is a possibility. If you really can't renew your ID in time, try your luck. When they check your ID explain the situation with your card and hope for the best. Be prepared for them to decline the sale just in case, and don't get too pissed and cause a scene if you're denied service because they are uncomfortable with your ID. Businesses like this MUST protect themselves, especially these days, and if they aren't sure about your ID (even if it IS legal) they may likely be uneasy about serving you. I've had to deny alcohol sales to people I was certain were over 21 but looked young enough that I needed ID and they didn't bring it. Likewise, people with valid IDs that I couldn't check because I needed a photo ID and they had the bright idea to walk into a liquor store in a Halloween costume (the dummies!) with their faces too obscured to make checking their IDs possible...even knowing they were probably legal to buy alcohol in these cases, unfortunately if there's even that 5% doubt that things might not be on the level, it's more important to protect the business from government punishment for messing up and getting caught than to get the business of one specific customer. At least where I was, the state sends out a sort of secret-shopper to try to buy alcohol illegally to see which stores need to be fined. I wouldn't be at all surprised if something similar is done with legal dispensaries, so they will probably be on even higher alert.

    A poster above said to try calling a dispensary and explaining your situation to them. They should be able to tell you whether they think that your card should be accepted or not. I'd suggest calling maybe five dispensaries and getting multiple opinions - getting a yes doesn't necessarily mean the person you spoke to first can speak for everyone. If you get more yeses than nos, though, you can probably expect it's pretty likely you'll be served.
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  11. Vertical ids are only for didn't say that when I asked what a vertical id was....
    Get an adult license since you're an adult
  12. As long as your ID is legal, valid, and you are over 21 you won't have a problem. 90% of recreational sales go to people from out of state. Shops see many variations of IDs daily and aren't going to care that your ID is vertical.

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