Can I buy a carbon filter?

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  1. Sup GC,

    So long story short, I looked into ONA gel. Conflicting opinions lead me to look at other options. So, I'm interested in carbon filters. I have read many DIY projects to make your own. I would prefer to buy one if they are not outrageously expensive. I don't need anything too fancy either. The op it would need to handle would be essentially one plant inside a closet, without the option to do custom ducting. So, are there any filters that would fit that job? Or are we talking only a custom job?
  2. ebay has a nice selection of air scrubbers, but i hear stay away from the ones made from computer fans. Although ventilation is important it would take out most of the smell, depending on the size of the room. They are usually around 100-150 bucks for one that does an 8x8ft room. Hope that helped!
  3. High there, alot of filters are expensive but I wouldn't run without one. They really are groovy for odor control, I think you would be best of building one for a project that small. Maybe you can find a small filter online but my hydro store only sell big ones.
  4. Thanks guys, + rep for the both of you.

    Have either of you built custom filters? If you have, 1-10 scale for difficulty?

    I don't mind building one, but seeing as I can't even find a store that is selling a fan this time of year, it's kinda tough! So if I can get some opinions on custom vs. a bought (small) one, that would be great.
  5. Sorry dude I started my grow before I found GC and bought one. I'll be building my own next time, it works out about a third of the cost. Lots of stoners around the city have made their own so its got to be stoner simple.

    Good luck
  6. Simple diy filter... check this out........
  7. Personally, I don't know that I trust a carbon filter to DIY. Its too important in my situation where errant smell will get me busted quickly (inner city apt bldg). I envision it being too easy to not pack the carbon well and have airflow paths that don't get scrubbed and let smell out.

    Also, if your room/cab is small, filters can be pretty cheap. A Can-Filter 2600 is less than $50 and filters like 50cfm - plenty for my mums/clones cab. Even the Can-Filter 33 is only $100 and its rated for more than a couple hundred cfm.

  8. I built one last year and if you were to buy the equivalent one it would be almost $300. I SPENT $80 total, most of which was the carbon.

    You can trust the DIY threads, just find one with a lot of posts. Also make sure you buy the largest fat-lady pantyhose to line the two walls, takes a lot of headaches away.
  9. I've seen that design on several websites...but nowhere can I find info on what kind of fan to power it with.

    I made a very simple one, but I don't yet know how effective it will be. It cost me under $20.

    1 of these: Booda Dome Litter Box Charcoal Filters - Odor Control - Litter Boxes & Accessories - PetSmart
    1 of these: Polyethylene Snap 90 Degree Elbow Corrugated Drainage Fitting - 0490AA at The Home Depot
    1 of these: - COOLER MASTER R4-C2R-20AC-GP 120mm Case Fan - Case Fans

    Stick the filter into one side of the pipe. There's actually little tabs in there that will hold the filter in place. Stick the fan onto the side. Presto! Done.
  10. Air filter bought a local flee market...or walmart...
  11. I am currently running two Carbon scrubbers of the very design mentioned in that link and I can honestly say they work real well or I got very lucky. They can work with Computer fans though there real power is when setup with a inline blower. I used two Silverstone FM121 vari speed fans for mine and it removed at least 80% of the awesome stink that my Blue Widow put off, I was impressed. I removed just one of them from the cabinet and within about an hour the room completely reeked like skunk again. They certainly work.:D
  12. Dont use the polyethelene snap 90, it lets light through. Use PVC elbows and paint the insides black
  13. It's on the inside, and I coated it with foil tape.

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