Can i bring my plant in and continue to grow it threw the winter?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sillygirl, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone. I am new to the site, hoping to learn a little something.

    I have a question i am hoping someone can answer for me. I have a plant that i have been growing outside sence May. It is about a foot and a half tall, and nothing but buds. I have trimed it and kept it short. Anyway, we are getting a frost tonight so i brought it inside for the night. But i was wondering, if i can continue to grow this plant inside over the winter. And then put it back outside next summer. I have been told i can...but by people that have never grown. haha They just think they know. But before i screw anything up i wanted to find out from someone who actually knows. I would like to be able to continue growing this plant, in hopes that next year it will be even bigger. But i dont know if that will effect anything in a bad way? Someone please help!:wave:
  2. This is the introduce yourself thread silly,with lips like that we would like to hear more about you and your growing plans in some detail and then you should have no trouble finding everything here you desire.:rolleyes::p

    With 99.9 guys growing you should know when a sillygirl gets bit by the growing bug "that" is a serious turn on,enjoy your ride here at GC.:D
  3. In my opinion and experience you are best to leave it outside and cover, but I live in a very warm climate. Do you know how to check the trichomes for development? The best way is to get a 10-20zx magnifier of some sort like a stamp or rock collector uses and look at the trichomes. Google should give you a pic. They are bulbs on a little stick and when they are cloudy they are almost done, and when you see some amber ones mixed in you can start to think about chopping. Is that clear?
  4. i brought it inside already. But i think it is doing ok. I am just gonna go ahead and smoke what i got from this plant this year and try to get a big plant next year. I think i was a little to paranoid and trimmed it a little to much or something. Or i didnt plant it early enought. But hopefully i get a seed or too, cuz the buds on this plant are sooo sexy! I am going to need alot of please anything you can offer up would be great! :)

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