Can I bring a Dry Vape on the plane after I used it?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by eugenetrain, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. I'm originally from Bangkok but currently studying in America. I love smoking weed, but I also want to look after my own health so I was planning on switching to a dry vape. The thing is, I'm gonna be traveling home this summer back to Bangkok. I know you can put it in your carry on but what if I already packed weed in it and smoked it before? Can I just clean it and bring put it in my bag?

    p.s. I'm buying one here because the high quality ones are gonna be cheaper.
  2. I wouldn't chance it.

    Carrying anything used across an
    international border is a huge risk.
  3. Just before you go, buy a second one. Use that there and stash it for future use.
  4. Wise choice. The Feds would put it under an electron microscope. Then you have the problem of sneaking it back.
  5. i wouldnt try to sneak paraphernalia to Bangkok if i were u

    not worth it especially since if it's just a handheld vape it will only cost like 50-100 dollars tops to replace

    i just googled it you can get up to 15 years for possession there definitely do not try this
  6. sooo i shouldnt do it even if i bought it and never use it (like, still in the wrapper and shit)???
  7. if you have an unopened unused one it might be different, I mean as long as you can buy one over there the item itself should'nt be illegal. I just definitely would not try to bring anything you have used though for sure.
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  8. It's easier to make sure glass is clean, because you can see it. I would not risk taking my Pax on a plane, due to the fact that there's a very good chance there's some vapor resin in the stem.

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