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Can i boil my Bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WakeNBakeN420, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Ok well i got a double bub and it got alot of resin and i wanted to get that out before i clean it SO can i like Boil the resin out by holding it over boiling water?
  2. you can just put it in some hot water to get a lot of the gunk out, then i recommend using the iso/salt method to give it a real nice clean
  3. i save my resin tho i dont wanna toss it lol Its my backup if im ever out
  4. So is it safe to boil the resin out of my bub?
  5. It'd be better to not boil it. See the stickied thread about cleaning your piece but it can make the glass weaker and cause cracks / damages.

    Use isopropyl and salt
  6. Boiling weakens the glass, just use iso and salt.
  7. where can i get iso?
  8. anywhere. drug store, walmart, kmart, etc. its just rubbing alcohol.
  9. wait wat i soak my bub in Iso then put salt in it? how do i get the salt out?
  10. Search buddy...

    Pour ISO into your bubbler

    then (optional) pour a bowl full of salt into the bowl itself and couple drops of water.

    this dissolves the salt into the water and shake

    shake enough so you have a good grip on it.


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