Can I Be Myself??hmm

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    I haven't been myself for a really long time.I'm 19 and never really took control of my life since long ago, nearly as long as I remember.I couldn't even know that I should be myself.You know,like my mind got so fucked that I can't take control of myself in any possible way when I talk (can't even understand my own things I say,from the bullshit I listen too),or understand almost anything in any any type of situation.So this drived me into being a paper towel for the people near me.I always thought of a way out of this life,like for example to be comfortable,but never could which drives me into deep thought's about it and fuck's me mentally,Got crazy super lost in my mind.I didn't know where i'm in in this world.Sometimes I used to think i'm mentally ill.
      So how did I finally figured this out?After nearly a couple of overdoses.Now I'm nearly (would say nearly or anything from the shit I went through) the happiest time I've been in my life since I figured it out.Also im happy that I found the solution,because I could finally put myself on track straight.Love you guy's.Spreading good vibes.

  2. Im not following, what have you finally figured out
  3. I think he's high.
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    WTF.It's simple :).Im not high.Whatever I just had to post this :ey:
  5. Your high.
  6. Don't bullshit ME
  7. Sorry, I didn't mean to ruin your high.
  8. Dude, you go on about how you thought you was mentally ill and you couldnt take control your life and then say so how did I figure this out.
    So I ask again, what have you figured out.
  9. So you see.From this type of shit is how it makes me feel.
  10. I'm joking around..
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    So yeah whatever nothing.I could see a psychologist on this.
    You guys see the blank space (question mark in this)?That's what im trying to figure out. :hide: whatever.
    There's still something im trying to figure out (IDK),but don't know what it is?
    Im looking for an answer to something I don't know what it is.Also a note by the way,I always wanted to be a philosopher,because to study stuff like this.
  12. Dont get upset over what someone said online, you dont know them and they make no difference in your life, laugh it off.
    You have gone from figuring something out to trying to figure something out.
    To make it worse when I ask what you have figured out your reply was WTF its simple. :confused_2:
  14. I'm mentally confused again.You see,I sometimes see life as a screen in-front of me.Shit I don't even know who Im talking to about this bullshit.
  15. I started to try to figure out something new from the 9th post,in case someone could fully understand the small situation.
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    IDK.There's something,or nothing at all.Im confused again,now im just going deeper and deeper into thought's.The situation im seeking (that started) is after the 9th post.Then thought's got super deeper.Maybe I think a lot about stuff I want to know.
    IDK maybe maybe there's something about me?Maybe I'll understand throughout age.
    Maybe im just confused :) I have a problem
    Later I have to crash.
  17. Just chill with it. Ain't gotta figure it all out.
    Some things you can control, some things you can't.
    I'm glad you've found whatever it is you've found, even if you don't know what it is. But, no need to make it anything in particular because it will always be changing in to something else. It's only when you've decided it's something that you have a hard time letting it become what it will be.
  18. Take one day at a time...and if that's too much, take one hour at a time....and still, if that's too much, take one minute at a time...Ideally, take one moment at a time...then you can't project your anxiety into the past or future..
  19. are you sure you didnt od and have a stroke or something dude? im actually kinda serious based on your writing...
  20. "Be yourself, forget everybody else"

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