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Can I Be Busted With Only Ash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mlrock, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I've been cleaning my bong with the standard rubbing alcohol, coarse grain salt, and hot water trick. I have been able to get all of the resin out of it. However, I have not been able to get some of the ash out. If I have my bong on me when I'm in public and get searched and they find it, does it still qualify as "dirty paraphernalia?"
  2. they'd have to analyze said resin in a lab for THC but yeah, you better hope they don't send that shit in..
  3. Well, could you at least give me some tips on how to get rid of the ash that I can't get out?
  4. ash should be easier to get out than resin.. just keep shaking it with iso and alcohol. it should come out.
  5. A lot of places this point will be mute though because cops know what a bong is and might just seize it as they would a bowl despite the legality.
  6. They would know what it was but I don't think a cop or the police station would take your pipe/bowl/whatever from you and do some serious analyzing then bust you on it. They don't have the time for it.

    I think the worst thing they could do if you had no weed on you is to take it. It's way too much paperwork and time to bust someone who's not in a huge court case already, etc etc.
  7. If it smells like any weed, they can seize it. I don't really know if ash smells like it but it probably does.
  8. Res/ash will get you in shit lol, apparently if the piece is broken there is nothing they can do though. I'd just break my cone piece LOL, "yes officer that is my tobacco water pipe and broken glass".

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