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Can I ask this to the person who talks to kids about drugs in school?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by emmalh2373, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Every year someone comes to tell us why drugs are bad. Well i'm going to ask how many people have ever died from weed. And I want to say i honestly in my heart of hearts do not believe weed is bad, but if you dedicated you're life to educating kids about the dangers of drugs you obviously have a strong belief against them and know reasons why they are bad. So can you please convince me why weed is so bad? I'm willing to listen but I honestly think if people are responsible with it it is not bad and trying to tell people otherwise is just plain stupid.
  2. I'd say go for it. Those people that come in are either cops/people from the police station and it would be fun to tell them off with some real facts or they're simply volunteers who don't know SHIT and are reading out of a little pamphlet given to them, so you shouldn't have problems with them either.

    You gotta stand up for shit you care about and if you think they're going to convince your class of lies, why not try to put your bit in?
  3. It's way better for you than the sleeping pills the doctors give people. I stay up all night and go through massive withdrawal and start hearing voices when I don't take my sleeping pills.
  4. Weed is bad because all my moneys gone. Thats about it.
  5. I wonder what he'll say though. Because I don't see any reasons he can give me if the person is using it is responsible why's it bad lol. I'd like to see him try.
  6. Let us know what he says haha.
  7. Tho's dare people stopped coming to school when i was in the 5th grade.....
  8. I did this to my probation officer years ago, was fun...But ultimately went fuckin' nowhere, she was probably pissy from not being able to spend all day in her kitchen.:cool:
  9. Do it. Its rare those people ever get questioned about the lies they spread, and if you ask the right questions you can make him look extremely foolish. And he should.

    I got to a very conservative private school, so personally out of school I am VERY active, but in school, I do not have a opinion on drugs. Be careful, we live in a crazy time, that you get very mixed responses.
  10. op is it a person from dare? If it is then you're most likely in elementary school.
  11. My doctors forced me to see a shrink saying it would cure my pain, on the first visit my BF came with and asked her if she had ever met a normal person and what was her definition of normal was her jaw hit the floor.
  12. You should print out that thing Granny Storm Crow posted and show it to him, tell him about drugs, and tell him that if he cares about the students in your school being educated about things so much, that he should read it to them.
  13. Tell him how it is.. Tell him if he actually conducted the studies, tell him his facts, and proof of those facts, are about as real as 2012, you cant prove their real, because we nothing on how you done these studies, their only going by what there told

  14. this^^^^^^
  15. Lol have a ton of red bull first to make you super alert, quick and confident, stand up and lecture them the truth. They will not be able to answer you.

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