Can I Already Know? If I Can , Can You Help Me? (M/f)

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  1. Hi there, i received this plant a few days ago from a friend,  wich then i put on that structure with a 15w lamp on top and 
    another 15 w and 9 w on the side. I put some ventilator to generate the wind , and have all nutrients andi've been feeding well.
    The plant is on a 18h day squedchule my question is: is the plant i'm growing a male or female? or can we tell just that now
    or if is too soon, i get that a plant can be checked when arrives to 12/12 light cicle , but this plant have been growing
    for the past 3 month without any structure just a 15w lamp on top ( that was when the plant was on his house ) .
    There goes some pictures and hope you might help me
    There goes some pictures 
    Please , am waiting for someone who can help to know if it worths grow this beaut. plant or leave it :' (


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  2. That's 3 months old?...shit. You will know when you start to flower. If you start to see little white hairs its a girl, if you start to see like 
    little sacs its a boy.
  3. There's no way to tell until it preflowers or you switch your lights to 12/12.
    Speaking of lights..... If you're serious about growing it out,you're going to need more light.
    At least 100 watts.
    It seems your buddy was just giving it enough to survive.
    At 3 months old that thing should be a nice little bush!
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    Hard to say, i think i see pistils (female) but not forsure. I Would flip it to 12/12 and see if she throws balls or pistils. She pretty Healthy looking tho, so thats good.

    Heres a video to help understand How to sex your cannabis plant. Goodluck.

    Was it from seed or clone?
  5. Man I'm honestly surprised it's as healthy as it looks. If you want some good bud and a half decent light get some more lights. I made a 100w CFL setup for my seedlings for like $25. Get some 2700K bulbs and start flowering. It wont cost much. 
    4 Pack of bulbs: $10ish
    4 bulb to outlet adapters: $7-$10ish
    Pack of zip ties: $2
    Outlet strip: $4 (I had mine laying around but if you have to buy one they are not expensive)
    Set it all up, I like it this way because CFLs are best on their sides and this setup allows that. Use the zip ties to firmly attach it to something. Mine is attached to 2 metal poles, it allows it to be secured on there but I can still move the lights up and down as needed. Do some LST to the plant on top of all this and you'll be good.

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