Can I add potting soil in the ground?

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  1. Hey,
    So I've found a perfect spot. Very well hidden,hard to go to, lots of light and big. Big enough for 25 plants.
    The soil there looks a bit dry, but I've decided against growing in pots due to larger yield when in ground, and Im thinking of digging a hole in the ground and putting some good potting soil.

    The soil I'm probably gonna use is of 30% perlite, 60% peat and 10% worm humus. EC of 1,2 and PH of 6,2.

    Is it gonna work for me to dig a hole and put the potting soil in it, and does that potting soil seem okay to you?

    Another thing, what should be the size of the hole? I was thinking it'd be 30cm wide x40cm tall (12inches wide x 16 inches tall) and putting around 10 gallons of soil in there.

    Does that mix look good to you and should I add anything more?
  2. Yeah, I actually did that exact thing this year. And it's working excellent.

    All you do is dig a hole, and add your soil into it. I used a 45 pound bag of fox farms ocean forest.
  3. Do you think that a ~10 gallon bag of soil will do it?
  4. [quote name='"drfeelgood9"']Do you think that a ~10 gallon bag of soil will do it?[/quote]

    For how many plants? One bag of soil per plant should be enough but wait till next season. It's too late to start a grow now. You would be better off to go start digging your holes now and in the spring fill them with compost, kelp, alfalfa, bone meal, blood meal, green sand, rock dust, peat, perlite, and castings. Let it sit over the for a few weeks and by may you will have some killer soil ready to plant in.
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    Im not starting now. Im planning for next year (april/may).
    I meant 10 gallons of potting soil per plant, other than the soil that's already there. Is that enough?

    Are all these organic additives that important? It's going to be a hard task to track them all down where I live. Is using fertalizer with water that much worse?
    Thanks man!
  6. What fertilizer are you planning on using? Us as growers prefer not to use Miracle Grow, but the organic line isn't so bad in my opinion. Obviously, there's way better stuff on the market but I understand where you're coming from, sometimes places just don't have all the top of the line stuff around. Maybe you could order some good fertilzer online?
  7. Drfeelgood, you can make a simple mix of something like pro mix, ewc/manure/or compost.or all of them, kelp meal and espoma plant tone. That right there is a perfectly good organic water only recipe
  8. I say do not put all them in the ground. Grow some in pots incase you have to move out.

    You can also make compost heep piles now to have fresh compost on site next year.
  9. @jamesonc
    I'll probably use an advanced hydroponics fertilizer or similar. I dont think the brand matters that much as long as the proportions in it are good and the EC count. I'll use a level of 0,8 EC as I think that more than that causes more problems than any good.
    Its going to be 3-1-2 (NPK) for most of the veg then 1-1-2 for flower to 0-1-1 and none in the last 2 weeks.

    Also it's much easier to mix a ready water fertilizer than to try mixing organic and coming up with the exact NPK and EC values. Especially when it has to be done in a hurry.

    Should I add anything else in the soil I've mentioned to improve it somehow?
  10. And are 10 gallons of potting soil mixed in the ground per plant going to be enough or should I add some more? It's going to be hell carrying over 20 bags of 15 gallon soil, so consider that too.
  11. Thats how i grow several of my plants. We have heavy air surveillance and cant grow more than one or 2 plants per site, so each site has a hole. Many of my holes are on slopes where there was no real soil and i pick out a 2'X2', (.75 mtrs?) by 12" deep and fill it with dirt.

    That size hole provides for a plant that has the genetics and gets enough water to produce a 4-500 grms. per plant. Your easiest course to the most yeild for the least work is to fill the whole with 3cu ft of Promix #4 and go with water soluble chems. Its efficient.

    Organics are a bit more difficult in a guerilla grow. Animals can dig up your soil due to the food crops and animal parts organic nutes contain. I would choose a good vigorous outdoor strain
  12. 3 Cubic ft of potting soil will be a bit much for me. Do you think Ill achieve close to that results with 1,5 cubic feet (or around 37 liters) (10 gallons) ?

    As to a good vigorous outdoor strain, what do you propose , for 42 latitude early finishers

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