Can hermie be reverted? pictures

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  1. Hey guys sorry about the post iam just really worried
    i have 2 plants female 100% and 2 of them went hermine prob of light leek that i fixed

    they just recently started to show few balls on the hermie? should i grow all 4 plants and pick the balls off? and hope i get good shit yeld? or go for just 2 females? i spent all my money on this and i need to have smoke to the second harvest this is my first
    its 50bucks per gram here in iceland thats sick expensive and no grow shops so this is very stressful for me, what should u guys suggested to do?

    using 2x 250w cfl´s ( 1x6500k and 1x 2700k )

    also added pictures of those balls


  2. get them away from ur good females asap
  3. if theres only a few you could pick the balls off but that would be pretty tedious to do that every time a ball sprouts
    otherwise yh jus kill that hermie
  4. i would get rid of the shemales, unless you dont mind a little seed in your herb. i have smoked seeded herb that was 100 times better than some sensi. if you could put your two girls in a larger container and give more light you can make up for what you will lose if you cut the hermies. good luck :smoking: how many hours of day light are you getting in iceland right now?:wave:
  5. outside about 16hours and runnin on 12/12 now :)

    well i dont mind smoking bud i just need like 3-4 months supplys to wait for my new seeds to go back in buisness :) just wondering if i would get more getting those all up

    and like he said. i could go for bigger containers for the girls? would that help ? 18days of flower right now
  6. [ame=]YouTube - My indoor grow room part 5[/ame]

    my newest video update
  7. is the volcano still going lol ??

    that fucked our shit up over here in the UK
  8. if i transplant into bigger containers will they get shocked? what will happen
  9. yeah THAT GOD DAMN volcano is still going on there are also very bad money status in iceland :p
  10. i saw some shit by dutch masters called reverse. its supposed to slow/stop the production of male parts on flowering plants.

    google it. its like 20 dollars for the reverse and another 20 for some other shit to mix with it
  11. naw dawg
    bigger pots = bigger budz

    that sucks about the volcano
    i just hope i dont get stuck on holiday in the summer

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