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Can Herb be flavored with a favorite terpene to increase flavor?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by StingYang, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Hi , I have seen all the hype about terpenes, but I wanted to know has anyone used terpenes to actually flavor weed that is not cured properly (hay or grass smell). I am talking about introducing terpenes into the environment (glass mason jar) a few drops at a time until desired effect has been achieved?
    A friend of mine has been buying weed in Oregon and it smells wonderful but burns like crap, and the ash is black very blk. (looks like it was chem grown and never flushed).
    OK now back on track
    I am looking for thoughts on using small amounts on my weed to enhance the smell and flavor maybe come up with a nice Hawaiian Punch taste weed.
  2. Hay, Grass clippings smell = dried to fast. Been there done that.
    I have 8 of the most common Terpenes and none of them smell like you think they should or might. I've yet to come up with a blend that smells good. They all have a weird odor and blending them just gives me a combined funky smell.
    My neighbor buys a lot of rosin and several of them are either lacking in smell or it's an odd one and we've tried to doctor them with a small drop of this or that terp or a blend. Never did get a happy result from it.

    Just my 2 cents and YMMV.

  3. There are companies like True Terpenes that do this sort of thing. I feel a little skeptical personally.
  4. Hey Thanks for the replies
    I was asking more along the lines of , could a unscrupulous grower use such terps to fool others into thinking one was buying really good stinky weed by using the terps?
    My friend has been getting weed that smells too good to be true and it is when you smoke it.
    Not strong and leaves black ash , vert harsh

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