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Can hash smell like resin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BongToker92, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I've only had earwax and I never really got to smell it but I just recently bought .5 of hash and .5 of bud but the "hash" was black and smelled exactly like resin. Could it be hash? It's pretty oily but idk I wanna trust the dude but if he ripped me off I'm not gonna buy from him again. Thanks
  2. bro... i think that may be resin but don't take my word for it. Usually hash doesn't have that "dirty" smell to it. I don't remember has too much but I'm pretty sure it either smells really dank, or like not much. the ear wax i got right now smells like some top of the line buds but is not too strong of an odor
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    yah hash can be black, but more common to brown actually. Usually its more sticky rather than oily though
  4. It's black if its QWISO hash. Ask your dealer what method he used.
  5. If someone says they have hash always ask what method it was made with.
  6. oh and how much did you pay lol
  7. It was $20 and I smoked some last night it got me pretty stoned but it tasted like shit lol. I could post a picture of what I have left if that would help
  8. How you described it i think it's probably resin.
  9. Lol you got sold resin.
  10. Yepp its resin
  11. Fuck that dude. Only the outside of hash should be black (oxidation) real question is, were you satisfied with what you paid? If not, get a different connect.
  12. It tastes a lot like butane but idk I'm also holding my lighter on it longer

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