Can hands in bag weed accidently pollinate crop

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  1. I Don't know if this is the best place to ask, but I was just trying to find out, if you have had your hands in seeded bag weed and then reach your hands in a clean crop that is in flower, is there a chance that you could accidentally pollinate your crops?:smoke:
  2. Pollen only lasts so long. Also, there could be seeds due to stress in your bag more than pollen.
  3. Doubtful.
  4. It could if it was a recently pollinated, and harvested crop, or seeded through self pollination-herming..

    In a normal-regular breeding method a male plant releases pollen, and the female plant catches the pollen on the hairs. It then pulls the pollen down into the calyx where it fertilizes and creates the seed... Usually by the time of harvest all caught pollen is brought down into the calyx and the seeds are mature by harvest time. All your getting in your purchased bag is a pollinated female-with seeds... No male flowers or much if any loose pollen as the pollination is done earlier in the flower cycle..

    A hermi contains both female, and male reproduction equipment. A male flower will release pollen which will fertilize the same plants female parts. If you harvest a plant that still has open male flowers, or even closed pollen sacs, they could contain pollen. If the harvest was recent say within a month or so that pollen contained in the flowers very well could be fertile, and able to fertilize a female.
  5. Thanks to all, I have always wonderd about this matter and I was trying to make sure of not doing something stupid and screw up any good crops. if I had a crop......
  6. never go in the grow room with dirty hands bra.

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