Can Good Looks be a bad thing?

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  1. I've always been a greatlooking guy. Girls constantly stare at me in public. I've been offered contracts to be a model. People always say I look like a movie star and that I have great genetics. I've been said to look better than Tom Brady and Justin Bieber combined.

    But can good looks be a bad thing? I'm a fairly shy guy. I just want to chill out and hang with some friends and smoke my weed and thats it. I've had the same girlfriend (on and off) since high school and I'm okay with that so I hate it when girls randomly hit on me in public.

    And it has to be even worse if your a good looking female, with creepy old guys constantly hitting on you.

    So let me ask, can great looks be a curse or a blessing?
  2. Yeah, I would think so.
    I've been told quite a bit that I'm good looking, but I don't think I or anyone else would consider me a god lol. Depending on your personality it could be a bad thing.

    If a girl is all over you, it could be for the wrong reasons, and you may never know a true soulmate until you can find a girl that can look past your looks. While that scenario might not happen as much for guys, it happens a lot for girls. They end up dating really douchey guys but don't realize it until the dude gets bored with them.

    I've always been the kind of guy that tries to not judge appearance, and go for the girl with the best personality, morals, and that I can stay interested in and actually care for.
  3. Ha, you might get some bitter answers if you tell people girls throw themselves at you.

    I get what you're saying though. I'm sure for us normal folk the first reaction is "What the fuck is wrong with you, get hot pussy." But I feel you. Everything gets annoying on a long enough time line.

    If you are offered modeling contracts why don't you take them? Get mad money.
  4. Honestly, that is one of the best problems you could have.

    "Oh no I'm too hot people are always hitting on me."

    Fuckin lucky bastard.
  5. Can be sometimes
  6. nah man it gets pretty fucking awkward after a while...... people expect you to be outgoing and shit all the time
  7. Pics or gtfo
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    I feel you. Im a cute girl and guys always try talk to me. I am also socially anxious, so its very uncomfortable for me. Ive never had a lot of girl friends, ive always had more guy friends. Now i'm in college, all my guy friends I've met in class have kinda drifted, since i'm not interested in dating. So i just chill by myself a lot. I don't mind it, i just wish more people knew how to be better friends, instead of always looking to get laid.

    Just think of it as a blessing, and then use it to your advantage...
  9. You want to judge another dudes pic? :confused:


  10. I think it would be much harder to be a hot girl than a guy.

    Guys can be aggressive in their advances.

  11. And you can tell them to fuck off.

    Can't exactly do the same about your features now can you?
  12. Of course it could be a bad thing. If you let it go to your head and turn into some kind of jackass who thinks he deserves to be pampered from head to toe 24/7 because he has good looks, that's bad. You can abuse the hell out of your own looks in good and bad ways.
  13. easier said than done

    social anxiety is a bitch lol
  14. Wear a paper bag over your head .
  15. I feel you, guys are always looking to put their penis in something. Like have some self control LOL.

  16. It's all in your mind.

    And you are your mind.

    I dunno, I feel like if I had gone to a doctor I would have been told I have all these silly disorders and then I know I'd feel trapped by them and use them as an excuse. But since I never got diagnosed with anything I never had the opportunity to know that I was fundamentally different from everyone else so I just pushed myself to be normal. I mean now I know that I am not like your average person, very introverted and whatnot, but I've just accepted that and I figure fuck what everyone else thinks about you, y'know?

    Fuck I am so sober.
  17. Damn you're lucky sort of, I'm really shy and average(at least imo) tho I look better with facial hair, plus I'm cursed with extreme horniness.

  18. FORreal. i guess boys will be boys
  19. This is true, and yes you do sound very sober...
    But as of right now, I don't have very much control over my social anxiety.
    The worst is when I come up with a witty, insulting comeback (to guys that yell shit at me) 3 seconds too late :(
    I was always that softspoken, shy girl and kept to myself. So whenever someone actually trys to talk to me, they catch me totally off guard. Even in normal social situations, I sometimes stutter and hear incoherent, abnormally phrased sentences come out of my mouth. It's a bitch.
  20. I'd like to think of my self as an exception :p
    I can't find a girl that isn't ridiculously horny to save my life :\

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