Can Flowering plant go back in Vegg

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  1. My cousin told be that he has a flowering plant that he put under his grow light & its stopping the flowering progress and more pistols are coming out now instead of bud hairs.... It seems unreal to me but then again I am a noob so that's why I'm asking the pros here!! So does this sound like bull shit to you or is this actually possible
  2. Oh it is possible, probably our of stress, (transplant, etc.)
  3. So he shouldn't even be doing that because a stressed plant is no good right
  4. it's called monster cropping.. takes longer, makes monster buds (some people do this on purpose)
  5. The one on the right has been monster cropped. Its actually the mother of the two on its left. It has a freaking bazillion nodes on it.

  6. More shots of mom...




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    If he changed the light cycle longer then sure it will revert back to veg. People flower smaller plants to sex them and then revert back to veg all the time.

    The first thing you will see is really funky looking leafs. Even single leafs. Some of the leafs may not even look like a pot leaf for they are so deformed.

    When I was a indoor grower I grew a plant all the way to harvest. When I harvest the plant I left lots of the popcorn on the plant. I then reveged that plant to save the strain. 3 weeks later I was able to take some cuttings.

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