can farm hemp pollinate, and render the next generation useless

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DBlockKush420, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. ok so my buddy planted clones last year. he has a hemp farm near his house obviously the plants got pollinated, not especially a big deal seeds are always appreciated by me. I've had 3 indoor crops that came from the seeds with great results on the bud structure side and it develops quite a few trics but no high nothing worth wile anyway, its not my first rodeo, and the first time I let it go to 20% amber then 30% and I'm wondering if the seeds inherited the hemps tendencies to produce less of the goods putting it on the shelf for now my other strains are treating me muuuuuuch better!...strain is ak 47 (xhemp?) confused ??? lol .....I heard recently that there is only one genome that controls thc producton was posted in an article in the most recent of a very popular magazine I'm sure we all have a few copies of .... any thoughs are appresheated....JUST TO BE CLEAR! time the bud stays on the plant is not a factor in this case (not for how I like my bud) lol


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