Can edibles work the same as rick Simpson oil?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Caligreen530, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. My mom has cancer and I found out that it’s cheaper to get thc thro edibles rather than oil. Will they work the same in high doses

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  2. Sorry but probably not. It's never a bad idea to give her edibles for pain but you need an extremely high dose of THC to kill most cancers. What kind of cancer does she have? If it's hormone induced breast cancer, then she will need a high concentration of CBD. Yes the oil is pricey but you are using a lot of plant material to make a few syringes of oil. You can learn to make it yourself and buy the flower in smaller quantities to make small batches. Maybe it would be easier on the pocket book this way. If you need guidance on any of this, there are several people here that can help you.

    In the mean time, you can turn her on to Cannabis Health Radio (through stitcher) to hear literally hundreds of stories of how people killed their tumors with cannabis. If will make her feel more at ease and give you an idea of what others have gone through.
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  3. Have you talked to your mom about this? Is your mom receptive to using edibles or RSO?
  4. Hey man sorry for the late reply you commented on one of my post. My mom has Triple negative (TNBC) Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Insitu (IDCI). Cancer. It’s a type of Brest cancer none hormone induced. What would work better RSO CBD or thc?

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  5. Beats me friend, I'm not really a believer in herbal medicine curing cancer but I sure hope it works. I'm sorry about your mom, that's a tough one.

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