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Can drug dogs smell through my car?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by xenith, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Basically what the title says... I keep my bud and a piece under the cupholders inside my car (really hard to find) and sometimes dogs come by my school... will they be able to smell like 1/8th and a pipe through my car? My friend says they will...
  2. They will.
  3. if they are close enough to your car - probably
  4. your friend>you

    EDIT: damn thats a triple ninja post
  5. yeah dude they will, last year the dogs picked up 2 of our teachers haha
  6. They definitely will. They'll smell through almost anything with the exception of smell-proof, air-impermeable bags.
  7. Yes, dogs can smell through pretty much everything

    A good way to describe the difference between a dogs sense of smell and a humans is like this-

    Humans smell a cheeseburger
    Dogs smell cheese, meat, bun, mayo, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, onions ect.

    So yes, a dog will easily smell the bud in your car.
  8. yea they will. i heard to get it over borders, people put weed in sealed PVC pipes and let it float in their gas tank, but dogs can still smell that if its been in there long enough
  9. dogs taht are trained to smell bud can smell through anything...even air tight jars...because the smell will eventually seep thro...try this....put bud in a ziploc which are air tight...let it sit for a day...then smell outside the bag and you will be able to pickup the scent...the smell will seep thro...but i heard only 1/100 dogs are qualified to be trained for sniffing durgs
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hkw8KgZ_LhU&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - False K-9 Alert--Liberty Hill Police --Williamson County, Texas[/ame]

    View this one also.

    The BEST thing to do (or not to) is keep any amount in your car at all. Including resin or droppings from rolling joints/poacking bowls while in your care. The majority of people are busted by dogs when they detect the smell...meaning when you wiped your hands on your jeans after rolling/packing a bowl...then go on to class or out in public.

  11. Be careful watching Never Get Busted... quite a bit of misinformation.

    Your question has been answered but here's a tip.

    Drug dogs can't smell weed in your house through your car.:laughing:

    Just don't risk it... leave your weed at home.
  12. And the grill it was cooked on, the guy who cooked it, and the cat the guy who cooked it keeps in his mom's basement.

    It's hard to beat the dogs. Not impossible, but almost.

  13. whats some of the misinformation? Ive been looking at his site its kind of interesting
  14. Do you know what drugs dogs are for?
    Ding ding ding! for finding drugs!

    Thats correct. UNLESS you have a totally clean pipe and you keep the weed in a small mason jar, and don touch anything with hands that have touched weed, resin, or anything you have ever touched after handling weed, or resin , or after cleaning
  15. That is one of the best analogies ever. Thank you. I now really want a cheeseburger.:smoking:

  16. I didn't make it up, but it is a good way to describe it
  17. Look at it this way, dogs came to my school junior year in highschool, and alerted to a kid's car that I know. They search the car, don't find anything. They bust out a lint roller and run the carpets and seats and get maybe .1 of shake. The dog smelt that.

    Do not bring your bud to school. Everyone knew not to at my school but someone would get expelled for possession every year. The kid who's car they lint-rolled did not get expelled due to the fact he was clearly not trying to bring it to school for any particular reason, he just dropped some packing a bowl or something.
  18. lol. Dogs can smell threw anything pretty much.

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