Can drug dogs at security smell weed?

Discussion in 'Security' started by Cannabiscult420, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. I usually put my weed in a smell proof tub and put ut in the front pocket of my bag, obviously this part if my bag reeks of weed.

    Ive took the tub out now over night and its not been anywhere near my bag, im going to florida tomorrow and i no how strick the states are about drugs and that sorta stuff.

    Do u have any ideo if the sniffer dogs will detect the weed smell in my bag, or the scanner machines will pick up particles, sounds very paranoid but il not taking any chances?
  2. Billy, don't be stupid. You'll get caught. Do not transport any illegal substance through airports.

    I can assure you, Florida has weed. Won't tell you where, though.
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  3. The airport can smell when you fart.
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    That's basically one of the absolute top things they are trained for.

    I only once brought drugs on a plane, allegedly. It was easily one of the dumbest things I've ever done. I was absolutely terrrrrrified the entire time on the plane and during customs. I couldn't believe how fucking retarded I had been to do this. I knew my horrid lapse in judgment came from the fact that we were on vacation and there was a lot of reckless partying in foreign countries, but it was too late. My bags were checked and the stuff was inside, allegedly.

    Once it was over, I basically bitchslapped myself, and vowed to Odin almighty that I shall never ever travel with anything illegal again. Even if the quantities are small, and the substance potentially good, like pot or some of the friendlier unmentionables, the penalties for transporting them across state lines or internationally are severe.
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  5. Either I'm lucky or they don't worry about small amounts. I would say that every time I've flown for the past 35 years I've brought some. Back in the early 80's I didn't even think about it. Now what I do is roll 1 j per day, place them flat in a vacuum seal a meal bg. This makes a package that fits into the pocket of your jeans in CHECKED baggage. I guess it's really only half the time because I never have any on the return flight.
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