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can drinking monster really screw up a drug test result?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by spartanstoner, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. so my testing facility told me not to drink any energy drinks, vitamins, or any weight loss/ muslebuilding supplements before my test. Whats the deal with that, could it really do anything and if im clean could they really get me in trouble for doing this.
  2. it would just fuck up the test and give a "dirty" test which they will assume means youre on drugs and trying to cheat. although never heard of the energy drink shit. i suppose creatine levels from drinks.
  3. bump, im trying to figure if i can drink monster on test days and not get screwed im already clean and im not trying to fake anything. i just think they toying with us cause they know monster has all the vitamisn and creatine that recolor your piss if you dilluting.

    so number 1 would this give a fasle positive.

    and number 2, would they really know if i did drink a monster or take vitamins or something.
  4. If you're being tested for caffeine and taurine and shit... Eating poppy seeds can make you show up positive for opiate use.
  5. Simple and quick answer: Drinking those types of drinks Will Not help you beat a test. If anything, they could make the outcome worse. They are doing you a favor telling you that.

    If you want to try to beat the test -- or at least skew the results in your favor -- there are several methods you can try. They can be easily found by searching this forum.
  6. im not trying to fake a test im already clean, i just wanna know if i can get in trouble by drinking monster or other energy drinks on test day.
  7. Drinking things like that will screw up your test results, and the people drug testing will not be able to tell exactly what is in your system, but the test will show that their is something in your system.

    My cousin was taking a weight loss substance before his drug test, and the weight loss substance covered up the weed that was in his system, but the job he was applying for could not detect an "Unknown substance"- what his job said, in his system (which we know was the weight lost substance) so they told him they threw the test out and if he wants the job he has to pay $130 for re-take on his drug test.

    That is why they say don't drink or take things like that, it will screw up your results and come back as a unknown substance.
  8. Why do you need a monster so bad on your test day? just skip it.
  9. Apparently so. Do you really need it that badly?
  10. ok.....so i have a question concerning the energy drink thing.... so i was celebrating new years and i ate a couple brownies and had a couple one hits, a week later i took one of my pain pills for my back but the next day i got in an accident at work and got popped on a pee test. they said it would bee a couple days before the results would come in and if they found anything they would let me know. now another week has gone by and i have not heard anything but i tend to drink monster energey so much i should buy stock in it, like 4-6 a day. would that come back as unknown and they would re-test me or would they even bother with a re-test and try to catch me on a random that tey tend to do every 4 months. would anyone know?
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    oh by the way i have a perscription for the pain meds but i live in indiana so the bud is not legal.......so my concern would only be for the marijuanna

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