Can DNA even have more than 2 strands?

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    So, there's a claim in a lot of the new-age that's about DNA activation and how those that are "activated" will have more than 2 strands in their dna... commonly believed to be 12.

    for starters, 12 strands of DNA (or, more appropriately, more than 2) was put into the mass consciousness by the movie "fifth element." If you know or understand a small portion of molecular biology, knowing things like how atoms will repel each other if the charges aren't compatable, then the claim that 12 strands of DNA is certainly bunk because there is no room in the strand for that much density of atoms or molecules.

    and if the dna were to be rearranged somehow to somehow avoid the repelling effect that the atoms would exert on themselves, then our chromosomes would not be able to be formed. without the ability to form our chromosomes into the shapes that they make, our DNA would not be all twisted up and as such would not be able to fit into our cells. if they didn't fit into our cells, we would not be alive (we would have been an aborted offshoot of evolution assuming that it was even possible for something like that to evolve in the first place.)

    further, if you were to somehow force this sort of configuration, knowing how atoms and molecules rely on their charges to stay together, the sheer pulling and pushing that would be exerted on the dna by the molecular forces would rip the dna apart.

    basic chemistry and common sense please...
  2. Who's to say it's impossible?

    Science has always been proven wrong in the near future.

    World was flat once.

    Maybe DNA hasn't had the chance to mutate into 12 yet..
  3. no, the world was "believed" to be flat because people at the time couldn't wrap their heads around the fact of a spherical earth because of ignorance and egotism... and those that dared to suggest otherwise were branded as heretical, even when they were able to present evidence to support their observations.

    and "who's to say" bit... umm... chemists, physicists and other people in the sciences. are all scientists "wrong?"
  4. 98% of dna is 'junk' dna...plenty spares to recode a strand or two.
  5. That Alfie kid looks like he has a pretty huge brain
  6. If it does then I really can't see any use for it in the human body, would someone be willing to explain its use? I thought the nucleotide bases always pair up with one corresponding base and If that is true then the dna would be like looking in a mirror, what I mean is C-G-C or T-A-T u know? And if that is true then it could not serve any purpose other that being useless but then again I'm not a scientist.

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