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Can cops search your person?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BadRoll, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Hey blades, I searched around a lot and didn't find any posts that directly answered these questions.
    1. If I'm walking around with absolutely no reason for suspicion, can a cop ask me to give my name or empty my pockets or my bag?
    2. If there is some form of suspicion (out after curfew, in a park after closing, etc) can he ask me to empty my pockets? My bag?
    3. Can a cop ever ask me to empty my bag without a warrant or definite suspicion (smelling of marijuana or alcohol)?
    Edit: This is in the USA, NJ to be exact
  2. Wrong forum, But yes to everything.

    Police jus need 'reasonable suspicion' to 'pat you down' which usually means emptying your pockets no matter what they say.

    This is from personal experiences/people i associate with experiences. Here in Detroit, Michigan and surrounding citys.
  3. And ill move this for ya..
  4. It's not a matter of can they, it's will they do it, and yes they will. Even if we have constitutional rights they will still do what they want and will most always get away with it because they are a higher being than normal citizens I guess
  5. yea cops can do whatever they want. but just because they ask doesnt mean you have to give consent. if a cop asks to search just tell them you dont give consent to any searches even if u got shit on you cuz it could help you in the long run
  6. "Terry frisks" give the cops a right to pat down anyone for weapons and remove anything that's unexplainable. If your have a large bag or whatnot, the only safe place is in your shoe...beneath your feet (Any part showing would give them reason to tell you to remove it)

    If it's small like a dime, you can put in your wallet because they can't go through it without permission.

    The biggest phrase you can remember is "I don't consent to ANY searches". Continue to repeat that EXACT phrase no matter what the cop says or tries to construe. Anything else the cop can misconstrue in court as consent to a specific search of somewhere.
  7. I know that a cop will ask to 100% of the time. My question is, in which situations of the above can i deny them the right to pat me down or check my bag, and which can't I? I don't want to say that I don't consent to searches when they've already established some sort of suspicion and just sound stupid.
  8. House= Entitled the maximum protection, in most states even with the smell of weed, they can't search without a warrant or consent.
    Car=Medium protection. Can't search without probable cause (sight/smell) or consent. Can call dogs.
    Persons in public area, like sidewalk= Least protection. Can FRISK you anytime. (Feel outer clothing) and remove anything questionable or anything unexplainable.

    CANNOT go through anything sealed like a backpack without consent or probable cause. Can call dog.

    Shoes are best bet. The vast, VAST majority will never search. If they do ask to search, they wont search the shoes. If you're in a car, the officer will always just search the car. Provided you have no other contraband (such as drug paraphernalia), they'll just move on with the original reason for the stop.
  9. Damn no wonder that dub spelt like rotten cheese... the fool tried claiming that was the strain name...
  10. Maybe.
    You dont alwasy have to...

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  11. BTW, I only recently started smoking and I have NEVER consented not a car search. (Never been asked for a person's search). I've been asked three times and when asked why not I say "because I bought it as a used car sir. I don't know if something slipped in it"
    A guy's recently bought BMW's windows went out in his newly purchased used car. when the window repair shop went to fix it, they found 1.3 million dollars in cocaine in the driver's door. I would never consent no matter what
  12. A cops gonna do whatever he wants, just fight it in court.
  13. In your house they need a warrant, and maybe the plain sight rule applies (if evidence is in plain sight warrant is not needed). Personally if cops ever came do my door id pretend i aint home, or sleeping.

    When walking around, if they ask to search you say sorry sir i do not consent to any searches. If they continue to search you anyone, dont resist, thats a whole other charge that WILL carry through, if you refuse and continue to refuse consent then you can fight it in court and get all charges dropped, unless you push them away or resist in any fashion
  14. Verbally deny them, doing that could save your butt with a good lawyer in court if you are guilty of something.
  15. Thanks everyone for clearing that up. Next time I get stopped for no reason I'll know I don't have to worry about my backpack. Keep blazing :smoke:

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