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Can Cops Open Locked Glove Compartments?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Criss Cross, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. If say i was to keep my piece and bud in my glove compartment and it had a lock on it and i locked it and was pulled over and a cop searched my car would he be allowed to open it if it was locked?? or would he need some sort of search warrent i wanted to figure out a good place to keep my stash.
  2. listen if he smells weed and he has a right to search then he could..but if nothing smells like anything and you don't admitt to anything you've done he cant search it..k say he askes you to come out of the car. get out lock the door and shut it on the way out and make sure u have your keys lol. then if he asks you why you do it say its a habbit. props to wykids video in his sig, seriously everyone watch that shit and you wont ever get caught again its a free 40 minute video no downloading time if you have cable ill try to get it h/o
  3. he would need a warrant to look in there man, but he can call a K9 to smeel the car and if the dog goes ape shit then thats probable cause for a search, so wear gloves when you touch your air tight jar so no weed on your fingers touches it and you'll be fine
  4. yikes.. dude i could only watch about five minutes into that video. you can tell it was made by stoners because those people are clearly paranoid. if you get pulled over you just need to be completely chill and it will most likely be fine!
  5. ^ well yeah if you kept watching haha they re-do it but in the right way. the first part was just to show how NOT to act
  6. ya u tim tim that showes them the exact opposite to act, keep in minds how long that vid is
  7. I'm not sure about other states but I know for a fact cops need a warrant to search a locked glove box in California. However, it's not that easy..

    What a cop will do, and have before, is tow your car down to the police station and then obtain a warrant. They can make up some bullshit excuse so the best advice is to just stay cool and make sure you/your car don't smell like weed.
  8. If they really want to they will find a way.
  9. if a cop decides to search your car, he can search the whole car, so even if its lockd he can open it, a car isnt the same as ur house, warrants arent needed really, and in my city if u get pulld over the cop can jst search u for the hell of it, doesnt need a cause
  10. it all boils down to this...

    if they have probable cause(you smell like weed, act "all high and shit") they get a warrant and search pretty much anything. they can bring out drug dogs for anything though without a warrant, and if they dog says there is drugs they can search yo ass

    just remember what young jeezy says, "still one rule playa... dont get caught"
  11. Oh come on guys... you can do better than a locked glove box. Make some secret compartments or get one of those hollow shift knobs that unscrew and provide a large stash compartment. Or do a variety of other creative things that would be so much better.
  12. Of course they can playa, of course they can.


    But still, it's not liek you should be super paranoid, just like don't do anything wrong and the cops should leave you alone. It's like bee's when you were younger, just don't bug them and they won't sting you.
  13. I will second watching that vid it is very informative. JOE>

  14. Man, haven't you heard of the fourth amendment. It's a federal law that they must have a warrent or probable cause to search.... And federal law over powers state law

    ALSO I found this as well of wiki

    "The Supreme Court has also held that individuals in automobiles have a reduced expectation of privacy, because vehicles generally do not serve as residences or repositories of personal effects. Vehicles may not be randomly stopped and searched; there must be probable cause or reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. Items in "plain view" may be seized; areas that could potentially hide weapons may also be searched. With probable cause, police officers may search any area in the vehicle. They may not, however, extend the search to the vehicle's passengers without probable cause to search those passengers."
  15. my bad.. lol short attention span. you know. haha :smoking:
  16. I just watched the video, and Ive done the same things to get out of trouble at a traffic stop.

    Heres the main story, just cause im Baked and feel its relative since it was a real life situation I was in:

    I got pulled over for speeding. He just like mocked my radar detector and said this ticket is going to cost more than that, I replied well it doesn't help to be instant on radar." He just like squinted at me lol.

    I put my shit in my pockets when he asked to search I told him I don't consent to any searches, he laughs in a dick way and says ok time to call the dog. (Then it got hardcore cause the border patrol (feds) came) The one fed was the biggest dick ever fucking comes down the wrong side of the road lights on and boxes my car in, sirens blaring. I got pulled over for going 85ish in a 55, I was keeping it easy to cause I knew there was cops but that one time fucked me. They must have asked if I had over ten thousand dollars in the car like 30 times, eventually I just said "I WISH I had that much money in the car." after that they told me to get out lol.

    The reason they ask is its illegal to have 10 grand on you without filing proper paperwork, thats why if you cross the border you need to report having more than ten grand. So if your lucky enough to have that with you, don't tell them theyll probally take it. (seizure)

    The dog walked around my car and I left the windows down to air out since I hadn't smoked in a few hours anyways it was fine. Anyways the dog puts his paws up on the window ledge and this annoyed me so I yelled at the cop lol I go " Hey get your dogs paws off my paint" and he goes "trying to keep the dogs head out of the car?" I reply "Im not going around scratching your paint now am I?" the next window he just holds the dog back a little.

    They were just being dicks cuase I have alot of stuff put into my car, chrome wheels, tints, screens and shit, and I have a fair bit of expensive jewelery so the guy obviously was hoping I had like pounds in the trunk or something. 65 dealers got busted that weekend in a town of like 3 thousand so DEA was there too. Seeing as how it was my college town and most of the cars are pieces of shit my car stands out even more than normal. Although Ive never been told by an officer that my system was too loud, I do drive around bumping all the time ( I respect neighborhoods tho ) And that only brings more police attention to me. But when your smoking a headie blunt to the head and listening to your favorite music I don't really care what people think.

    But I just kept my cool, told them I don't consent to searches and eventually the trooper gave me a 71 in a 55. The Narcotics officer was the only one that wasn't jumping the gun on a suposed bust. The cops follow me for miles in that town, even if I go in circles. Getting a dog called was bound to happen sooner or later. And to be honest for how many times I thought I was going to get pulled over by this same tropper SUV, Im glad it was that one time.

    I don't know if that made any sense but im tired of thinking lol, peace.
  17. Idk y but that made me laugh like crazy,:smoke:

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