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Can cops arrest you in public places for simply being high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by airsick, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering because there are time where I go to the mall or something with friends while high. These are the times where we don't have eye drops and such at convenience so.. can they?
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    can arrest you for possession. and for states where it is decriminalized, depending on the state and the amount you have on you, you may only get a ticket for possession. you are allowed to just be high as long as you are not causing trouble
  3. Depends how you act. If you aren't causing any trouble then no. It is illegal to get high, but not illegal to be high. If your so stoned you can't stand they'll probably do something.
  4. yea they actually can, its called under the influence of CDS (controlled dangerous substance),,,,,,,..... yea i dnt get it either, but the only way theyll get you for that is if they pull you over in a car and your eyes are shot an it reaks in the car but just tell the cops your not high cuz 95% of the time theyre to lazy to take a blood or pee test
  5. There's no breathalyzer for weed so there is no way they can determine if your high or not.
  6. We act pretty normal. We just walk around and crack a little laugh every once and a while. But my eyes get extremely bloodshot and red. You could tell by just looking at me. So I was just wondering, because I enjoy going to public places high.
  7. There is now way for a police officer to determine whether or not you're high. Your eyes could be blood red; there are plenty of reasons why our eyes turn red like that.

    Most importantly, don't act like a fool when you're high and you'll be fine.
  8. Um yes there is. There staring to us it in the UK. Not long before it makes it way here.
  9. Get some eye drops, but no they cant arrest you for being high, unless your being disruptive
  10. When people ask these kind of questions, ask yourself "Is it legal?". Meaning:

    Is it illegal to have bloodshot eyes? No.
    Is it illegal to have an odd smell on you? No.
    Is it illegal to droop your eyes and look/act stoned? No.
    Is it illegal to carry marijuana? Yes.

    As long as you are not carrying any weed or bowls, you are good. Sure they can possibly search you with probable cause, but there is no way you can get arrested for being high without weed on you.
  11. That's a really good point. Thanks man.
  12. Really? tell more.

  13. Here I'll show you and tell you where to read cause I do my own research. It in weed world issue 83

  14. If you're totally screwed up they might get you for public intoxication or something like that. Otherwise no.
  15. Damn, you beat me to the logic speech, boo! :) ^^ What he/she said.

  16. Same, I like heading to the park to check out nature. Omw there I saw a cop, my eyes "Red as the Devil's Dick." Just smiled and waved, he knew, but he didn't care. If you don't worry, they won't see anything wrong =)
  17. it says drugs, i didn't see thc marijuana or cannabis anywhere specifically, maybe it will just be for harder things cause i know over there they're real worried about stimulants which weed is not
  18. Looks like one of those typical saliva drug tests that they make you take when applying for jobs.
  19. Depends on the state but usually they'll just make you spend the night in jail if you are royally fucked up beyond belief or call your parents if you're a minor.

    Actually went to see a movie a while ago with some friends and we hot boxed my buddies car beforehand and as we were walking in walked past some cops, they stared us down but didn't do shit.

    Toke on bro :smoke:
  20. No, but they will get you for anything they can, like disorderly conduct, trespassing, jaywalking, or any other bullshit they can think of. they cant charge you for being high, but trust me if they know they will charge you. When i was 16, i almost got arrested for minor posession of tobacco and a lighter, but then they found the pot lol.

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