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Can certain strains cause anxiety attacks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dmart, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. I made a thread earlier but I forgot to put in one crucial detail.  I just got some maui wowi and never had that strain before. I smoked it 2 nights ago and kind of felt a little anxiety when I thought I had this issue and started googling searching it.After googling for 15 minutes it said It was a heart attack symptom and I almost freaked out but went to sleep. Then next day at the gym pain in neck comes back. I do suffer from generalized anxiety. But I look it up and it says heart attack so for some reason I go into shock and I think I do have it and thats when the adrenaline hit me and I almost felt like I was gonna faint, puke, light headed, dizzy, hands clamy, started to sweat and hands started to shake. Freaked me out real good. Today woke up with anxiety but i think its in my head. though Idk if this has anyhting to do with it when I try opening jaw all the way it feels tight on the back left side. Idk maybe im all just worrying for no reason. Thoughts?

  2. Well Sativas are more likely to cause anxiety over Indicas.

    I recommend just trying to stay calm and stay hydrated with water. More then likely, it is all in your head and you should be able to relax more as you become more use to the Cannabis.

    Good luck!

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    Whenever you start to panic remind yourself that no healthy person has ever had a heart attack from cannabis and its all in your head.

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  4. Heavy Sativa strains can cause a panic or anxiety attack as its a head buzz, and you have a mild trip on it, like last week me and a friend got high and walked up these stairs to the top of some dome thing with glass barriers you can look down, as I was going up I thought omg what if this collapses, then I started looking at bolts to see if they were tight on the way up, by the time I got up terr I was pure white and I near greened out haha, one bad thought and your head will explode into fear lmao

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  5. im healthy but i always feel like theres always something wrong with my heart. Probably just anxiety
  6. Anxiety can do amazing things to your body and mind and almost mimic symptoms of something more serious  like heart or GI illnesses/problems. I suffer from OCD, severe generalized anxiety and mild depression. Medicine that is hybrid or indica dominant helps me with most of my symptoms. I recently had something that smelled and looked unreal but made me so anxious I brought it back (yes I have this luxury) and realized it must have been a  nearly pure sativa strain. Now I make sure my medicine is a hybrid/indica strain or I don't consume. I also consume very lightly and only enough to relieve my symptoms, never more. This routine also helps keep my tolerance very low but at times I still get a little anxious when I medicate, and basically have gotten used to it as just an amplified symptom to a problem I am already living with and actively trying to treat.
  7. Dude stop motherfucking looking shit up!! thats where your anxiety and paranoia is coming from. Its also just you smoking too much and overthinking. Damn how hard is this to get -_-
  8. It's all in your head. Strains that have white widow in them give me anxiety or something. Just don't smoke as large of an amount and see how it is.
  9. From a friend. Don't google every aliment you may have in life. Pot+google+pain=anxiety
  10. yeah i got some shake, it was actually more kief than shake. it was super sativa. and it was the most mental high ive ever had. 

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