Can cannabis boost creativity?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Starlamarie, Jun 23, 2013.

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    most of my drawings that I've put on paper I couldn't describe with words. they're pretty deep too.
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    I think it depends on the strain. Because It can also make me lazy and unproductive. 
  3. I think maybe it just depends where your minds at. I used to smoke and it would just make me laugh a little and then pass out. Then I started smoking by myself and noticed a world of difference. If your mind isn't distracted then you think much clearer.
  4. Definitely it does, but probably not if you're abusing it every day.   Sometimes the creativity comes but you're too lazy to do anything with it, so a little bit of caffeine can help.
    And mainly the weed, give me a heavy indica and i'll have a couch lock and fall asleep. Give me green crack and ill be productive as shit.
  6. for me, 100% yes
  7. I think it can boost creativity, but can also hinder it at times. There's a perfect balance and that goes with anything in life. 
  8. Without it my music would be bland and generic...
  9. I do my best writing when stoned- my spelling and verb agreement suffer, but that is easily cleaned up later! But when I am stoned the ideas simply flow, beautifully, from my mind to the paper!
    Also, it seems that "Cannabis-Users achieved the highest scores with respect to openness to  experience and extraversion" in this study.
    Creativity in cannabis-users and in drug addicts in maintenance treatment and in rehabilitation.          (abst – 2013)
  10. I believe it does. It puts my mind into imagination overdrive. It helps my rather sporadic thoughts flow better, allowing me to express whatever I want to express. Not only that, but it also allows me to focus for longer periods of time whilst having a good time, you know that feeling. This is me though. We`re all different.
  11. I absolutely agree with the others that say it helps. I work in a creative field and when I'm up against a deadline or having a block, I find more often than not it helps me focus like a laser...I often wonder if it's the same effect of a prescribed drug for an ADD patient.

    And as far as music goes, I feel like it adds dimension and layers and I just love listening to new albums with a new bowl!

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  12. Nice man. What field do you work in if you don`t mind me asking. Looking to get into a creative arts career myself. And I hear ya on the music.

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