Can burnt tops be saved

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by viamias, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. On 5th week of flowering the plant has tripled its size.
    i keep tying it down so the tops won't touch the lights but it keeps pulling the string up (string is cutting into the node) and going for the lights.
    the tops were good last night.
    this morning (after 3 hours of light period) the tops reached the lights.
    now the tops are nothing but dry and brown.

    Should i cut the tops off and see if it will regenerate the tops?
  2. instead of string that cuts in to the plant & isnt doing the job....

    use strips of cotton "t" shirts or whatever? to tie around the plant branches your training down, then tie your string to the end of the cotton strip, this way the cotton strips wont cut into the plant
  3. Was experimenting with duct tape (idea from the forum) but it's not working out too well (the other stems stick to it).

    Will use your cotton idea now - thanks.

    Any input on whether I should cut the tops off or just wait and see if they'll thrive?
  4. Wow you used duct tape to tie it down. sound like a bad idea to me.
  5. YES, it is a bad idea...especially the glue that comes from it. Tried it this morning after i got the idea from one of the forums.
    The cotton-tie works much better.
  6. I just wouldnt think that using duct tap would be a good solution to tying down your plantes. The stickiness of the tap would be the first thing to come to mind that woud mess with the plant.
  7. The duct tape is supposed to be rolled up into a "thread", then use it to tie down (at least that's what i got out of the thread).

    Anyhow, there's too much glue, which gets on your fingers..and the tape..and the stems...etc.

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