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can bud make you better at things?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by baconchips, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. I'm curious about people's thoughts regarding how marijuana affects fine motor skills, creativity, ability to solve complex problems, hand-eye coordination etc.. both positive or negative.

    For me, the most interesting thing I realised after trying bud for the first time is that it made me very creative. I had absurd thoughts I didn't have sober, just creative ideas and solutions to things. Witty one-liners that I wish I wrote down, or ideas that could very well be made into viral short films or comedies like "LifeAccordingToJimmy".

    Playing the guitar was significantly harder but I came up with riffs I never would have otherwise.

    Poker was not a good idea, I wish I wouldn't have tried that.

    I also competed in sports and sometimes it made me dominate matches, as in increased focus, thinking outside the box, aiming and accuracy, but I'm not sure if that was real or just weed enhancing the experience.

    What's your experience?
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  2. Absolutely yes.

    While it obviously depends on the type of herb smoked/eaten, and the amount, and the person, I've found it to be very performance enhancing. In my case both physically and mentally.

    Creativity is generally one of the most common aspects to get enhanced. I've also had downright weird success with looking at some equations and instantly knowing the answer, some good 5-10 times now. Physically, I can sprint up very steep quarter mile hills when high far easier than when not. At the gym I generally push myself harder and lift more.

    So yeah, the herb is excellent in many ways. Performance enhancing is one of them.
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  3. Creativity for sure, as well as critical thinking. It helps me branch ideas that otherwise would not have occurred to me before.

    I can't say it improves performance, but I will say that it does help with endurance. Lots of people smoke before doing cardio because it makes it easier. Also it makes reading so much better. Not faster, but anything I read is better.
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  5. It's a fantastic glue while storming through a creative process. I don't like relying on it though, never want to grow a dependency in regards to creativity, that's when you start limiting yourself. It's a f'n phenomenal tool though.
  6. I get really creative and weird while I'm high. Some days I'll make random as fuck pictures in photoshop that makes no sense (see image below).

    I don't like to go to work stoned but I have by accident twice and I'll tell you it's the MOST BORING FUCKING THING when you have to wait 30 minutes because you got all your work done super fast because you're trying to make it look that you're not high to superiors. I think paranoia is the culprit in that but idk.
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  7. Love the Bernie pic!

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  8. Absolutely, my hand eye gets better for sure.

    But about cannabis boosting creativity, i think that's BS.
    I used to draw very creative things before I smoked cannabis, can't draw for shit now.
  9. Bud is a catalyst that enhances your natural capabilities. Areas of mental increased fitness include: creativity, critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, self-awareness, focus, streamlined stream-of-conscious, and faster twitch reflexive muscle tones. The physical fitness benefits are awesome as well, as over time using my stoner method of breathing, I have increased maximum stamina and endurance while cardio is the factor. Sculpting the body inside out starts with great habits attained from a personal commitment to well-being, and herb complements wholistic health.
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