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Can bongs make you throw up?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hello Kitty, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Yesterday I took about 20 bong hits, afterwards I threw up, once at my friends house, and another time at a party.
  2. Yes bongs can make you throw up. I personally have never thrown up from smoking but I have come close many times, and I have witnessed it many times too.
  3. any massiv hit can make you hawk.

    Generally if I take too big a hit, I'll cough so hard it makes me throw up.
  4. Yep, especially if you take too big of a hit and start coughing, sometimes it can hit your gag reflex. It's never happened to me personally, but I've seen it happen to others.
  5. I think I was sick then, I wasn't coughing except for two coughs after one hit.
  6. I know I have. One time I took a massive hit like omgwhywouldyoudothat, and I don't know if something came up, but my windpipe was blocked and my buddy gave me the heimlich manuver. Never got so high before. Dunno what would have happened if I was alone.
  7. It has personally happened to me 3 times. It sucks and then you pretty much lose your whole buzz after you throw up too. It hasnt happened in awhile though.
  8. QFT...
  9. I seen a bong hit competition at a party between one of my friends and this big guy, who was smoking like dirt weed. Anyway, My friend starts off by taking this really small rip, just to make the guy think he's wuss, so the big guy starts laughing, grabs the bong, lights, sucks as hard as he could for like a minute and pukes right in the bong.
  10. I got rid of my bong for that very reason
  11. if u throw up from using a bong well...HOORAY!!! ur gonna be completely blitzed for a while lol. happens to the best of us, nothing to be ashamed off
  12. ive come close to it.. but i have pretty good control over that 'gag reflex' so i have yet to throw up. seriously last night i thought i hit that point (had been drinking as well), but i kept my shit together.

    if your not retarded and dont take a bigger hit than you know you can handle (waste of weed IMO when you cough that shit up within 2 seconds of inhaling), you will not throw up.
  13. I had some beer too, not the Coors Light everyone else was having, but some Honey Wheat Beer. :) I hate drinking piss.
  14. 20 bong hits?? get some better bud.... im fly after one of my bowls :D
  15. Lol i ripped a blunt so hard i blew vomit out my nose. lmao, any smoke can make u vomit.
  16. I was smoking some OG Kush and King Kong. The world was pulsating. I ate everything.

    2 Bowls of Trix
    Beef Jerky
    Garlic Toast
    Pita Chips

  17. Yea, my friend would always throw up when smoking, maybe its tobaccao related ( friend 1 pack a day) he would just be coughing after a bong rip so much he eventually throws up, as for me it only happend 1 time and thats when my throat was fucked up and I couldn't even eat anything...I just threw up water and it all did was kill my high, if this happens to you often then try to take smaller hits.
  18. This has never happened to me and the only people that I know of that have puked from weed were new smokers, I don't even cough that much any more from a huge rip. I love not coughing, it's normal for me to smoke a whole blunt without even wanting to cough or thinking about it.
  19. haha one time me and my friends loaded a full bowl of some dirty ass schwag into a 4 footer bowl and made our friend rip that shit, shortly after he threw up about 10 times, it was some insane shit...only time i threw up tho was when i cheefed on a hookah for over an hour, that tobacco mix can fuck w/ u sometimes
  20. Yes, I have thrown up a few times from smoking bongs. BUT...
    I have only thrown up if i mix tobacco with my weed (ive also thrown up from cigs)
    I guess i can conclude that the only reason i throw up is when i have toboacco mixed in.
    I hate living in an area where every1 mixes tobacoo with their weed.
    Is there any1 else here who throws up from mixing with baccy?

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