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Can anyone think of a weed substitute for me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zeusophobia, May 17, 2010.

  1. Try some good ol fashion sex. Its better than weed, in my opinion, and most of the time its free.
  2. k2 haha not the shit u buy there people around my town that make the shit and its jus like weed..

  3. thats stupid advice!!! salvia?!?!?!? thats a powerfull halucinagen exactly what he doesnt need!!! duh

  4. wouldnt leafer have the cbd and very little thc?

  5. Wow this must be a great natural medicine. I'm sure there are plenty of other applications, hopefully the FDA realizes this and starts research-ohh.....thats right our government is a bunch of old men who thinks weed turns you into a negro whistling at white women and playing the devils music:rolleyes:
  6. try some xanax or volume if u wanna chill out n relax

  7. DO NOT DO THIS. K2 is retarded. its way worse for you than weed and causes seizures in some people. I work in a headshop and we sell this stuff, youre really not supposed smoke it. Its got all kinds of chemicals that really fuck you up. And not in a good way either. Just avoid it.
  8. I'm guessing you've tried it before, but what about alcohol?
  9. if your prone to get violent or out of controol then id stay away from alcohol, try n drink sum beers, beers are always good except when driving, beers make me burn to much rubber up, lol
  10. #30 Storm Crow, May 17, 2010
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    Hi hon, here's an oldie on DIY herbal smoking mixtures.

    Herbal Smoking Mixtures by Howie Brounstein

    Pedicularis (a common weed/wild flower in some areas) is supposed to be good- provides a mild high. And skullcap is calming when smoked. My hubby smokes it sometimes. Broom (the plant, not the sweeping thing) can be cured to provide a mild high also.

    High CBD/low THC strains are just now beginning to hit the market according to an article by NORML.

    Beer is more mellow than other alcohol because of the hops- a cannabis relative!

    Salvia is not a good idea. Total disconnect to reality! Not even LSD did that to me and I once took a 6 man tab!

    Hope that helps.

    Granny :wave:
  11. to those suggesting alcohol, i thought alcohol was more likely to cause schizophrenia problems than weed...or is that just in excessive amounts?
    can someone clear this up?
  12. If you develop an alcohol dependency, then yes it'll definitely make the situation worse. I can only imagine how horrible alcohol withdraws would be for a schizophrenic patient. Every now and then, a little amount would do no harm. It would simply relax you and possibly help ease the tension and symptoms. I do not know from personal schiz experience though, this is just simply an assumption.
  13. try some indica man
  14. Why not just drink some booze?
  15. I giggled

  16. To clear this up. I drink a couple times a week. If anything it makes my schizophrenia better. Weed I can immediatly feel my problems getting worse. Yes I have smoked it before. Many many many times.

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