Can Anyone Tell Me Whats Wrong With This Plant?

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  1. This little blue widow plant started to curl up and looks unhealthy so i thought it was nutrient burn so i flushed the soil several times, is the plant still sick because its over watered or does the soil still contain too many nutrients? Please help, the plant has been like this and not grown for almost 3 weeks now, getting really annoyed!

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  2. If it was over watered it would be limp all over. Over watering is from watering to often and not letting the soil dry out somewhat between waterings. Your not going to over water if you flushed when the soil was somewhat dry, if your soil has good drainage then your soil is only going to hold so much water and the rest will be run off. What kind of soil do you have it in and post a link to it if you can.
  3. The new growth looks awesome on it, nice texture and healthy green, while the lower leafs, are flat and dull with spots on them. Im not sure what the cause if the spots on your leaves are, but i would assume thats whats wrong with your plant! Try posting this is the sick plant forums!
  4. Dude i hate to tell you but i dont think thats blue widow. Im growin blue widow and mine has huge fat leaves.
  5. I've seen growth like this on plants with a zinc and/or magnesium deficiency. My guess would be zinc (can you maybe provide a HQ picture of the white spots close up?). Your soil looks very wet, hopefully you're not choking the plant by overwatering? Let it dry out, it doesn't hurt. I can tell you for sure that this isn't nutrient burn though :)
    What are you feeding it? What's in the soil? What's your pH? Questions, questions! :D
    It's hard to tell on a plant that has stunted growth like this. It doesn't exactly have the power to grow "huge fat leaves" :p
    Good luck to you!
  8. Its just regular potting soil with slow release nutrients, i need to check the pH of the soil

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  9. Is this outdoors in the western US? Has the plant been exposed to rain? Is the new growth twisted and discolored red, brown or purple? I'm having severe boron deficiencies in all my plants. It's been happening since Fukushima exploded. Cesium 137 bonds with boron in the soil, depleting it completely. Not only are my garden plants doing this, but all the trees and bushes in my area. 
  10. I live in europe, i dont think this will affect me
  11. slow release nutrients are no good esp. for small plants, they will burn them
    I use worm castings only as food in first month then move up to stronger
    i'd take them out of that soil mix asap, it does not grow because it is nute locked or nute burned
  12. also all mj plants need 30% perlite in the mix for air
  13. there is always different pheno's of each plant. Depending on breeder, or seed.
  14. Yeah i guess youre right. Ive always grown bagseed til this year so i was just goin off pics compared to mine.
  15. Maybe chlorine in water...
  16. Or maybe yours isnt blue widow. I grew 2 cotton candys both from same mom and they turned out way different.

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