Can anyone tell me what's going on with this sex?

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  1. Left pod sprouted pistils and bananas, right pod has yet to sprout. What is this...
  2. I guess they are all hermie then, they were most likely seeds from a hermie plant in the beginning. Not willing to throw out my entire grow, would rather just finish in 5 weeks and have some bud, even if it does have seeds. Thank you for your input though I appreciate it. Now I know I guess.
  3. My understanding is that cannabis hermis as a survival response to stress, not as a genetic predisposition per se. I agree with you though, better to have bud than not. Seeds really aren't the worst thing in the world.
  4. Hmm I'm not sure then, these plants have been set up nicely lol
  5. A seed from a hermaphrodite will be feminized. Whether its stable or not is a good question. When you see people say unstable seed it means it has a tendency to herm. Obviously if your whole run is like this and you're sure you didn't induce stress... Which of you stressed one chances are you stressed them all.... Then the seeds you have are highly unstable. Toss the remainder of the seeds if again you're 100% sure you didnt cause it.

    Problem with letting them run is eliminating the pollen afterward. If you let the sacks open (in the picture its already open) pollen will contaminate every inch of your room.... Fans, ducts, carpet, filters, everything will have to be striped. You say you dont mind seeds, cool. It wont be just this run you have seeds thou. You'll have seeds for 2yrs at least if you dont clean

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  6. Wish people did that at the clubs ;)
  7. Definitely understand that. I will have moved to a different location and cleaned my growing setup with bleach before my second grow. Thanks for your insight :)
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  8. Hunt every ball down and pluck it off every day so they don't seed your whole crop.
  9. I've taken 2 passes, I found one sac that had already opened.... :( However im trying my best to get them all and hopefully that will at least reduce SOMEWHAT the amount of seeds they produce. Thanks for your help guys.

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