Can anyone tell me what this problem is? Detailed pictures included!

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  1. I have filled out a little sheet, showing what I am using and doing so forth, to help with analysis!

    Any help is appreciated!

    How long has this problem been going on? 4 weeks
    Are you growing in a PVC grow tent? NO, Closet
    What system are you running? BubbleBucket
    What STRAIN are you growing? Bag Seed
    What was the establishing technique? All from seed
    What is the age of your plants? 2 to 2 1/2 months
    How long have they been in there mixture they are in now? Since 3/27 (rockwool to hydroton veg transplant)--3 weeks
    How tall are the plants? Around 3-3.5ft
    What PHASE are the plants in? Starting Week 5 Flower
    What Technique are you using? DWC
    What substrate/medium are you using? Hydroton
    What is the Water temperature? 67-68F
    What color are your roots? Some white, but sorta stained brown from nutrient solution.
    What Nutrient's are you using? GH Flora Micro, Bloom and Gro
    How much of each nutrient are you using with how much water? 1 part Micro to 2 parts Bloom. Currently at 1230ppm
    How often are you feeding/
    How often are you giving nutrients? Canstant in the bucket
    If flowering, when did you switch over to using Bloom nutrients? 1 and 3/4 months in~
    What order are you mixing your nutrients? First Micro, then Bloom, then Gro.
    What is the TDS/EC/PPM you are using? Started at 1400 Then it bolted to 1550 and now it is at a constant 1250
    What is the pH of the "Tank"? 6.0-6.3
    How often are you testing your pH/PPM/EC/TDS? Daily
    Are you sure your calibration is correct on your equipment? Yes
    When was your last watering? Drip rings run 24/7.
    What is your water temps? 70-79 degress, for a week it was around 80-82
    When was your last feeding change? 3 weeks ago
    How often do you clean your system: 3 weeks ago
    What size bulb are you using? Hortilux Super HPS enhanced spectrum 400w HPS.
    How old is the bulb you are using? First time use in Flower.
    What is the distance to the canopy? 24 Inches
    What is your RH Factor(Relative Humidity)? 45-56%
    What is the canopy temperature? Mid to high 70s when lights on.
    What is the Day/Night Temp? Day: mid 70s, Night: 70 +/-2
    What is the current Air Flow? No idea, but my intake and exhaust are strong enough to suck my hand into the ducting.
    Tell us about your ventilation, intake exhaust and when its running and not running ? Intake/Exhaust run together, and are almost always on.
    Is the fan blowing directly at plants? Intake blows low (across lip of buckets) while 2 small fans blow indirectly from above the canopy.
    Is your water HARD or SOFT? Soft. RO Water at <14ppm
    Has plant been recently pruned, cloned off of or pinched?
    lollipopped about 4 weeks in
    Have any pest chemicals been used? No.


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    Looking over fertilized. Could be due to your ph. Should be around 5.8-6.2 for hydro, but check the tutorials to be sure. You have two different water temps listed. If your reservoir is 67-68 should be ok, but the 70-79 is a little to high. Your room temp would be better at 75-80. Your humidity should be at 30-40 and 56 is to high. Not sure about the brown roots from nute stain. Think they should be white. I see some white speckles on the leaves in one photo and not sure what that is unless you have insects.
    Your into the early flowering stage(just guessing) and assume this problem arose when you changed from veg to flower stage and was a carry over, so you only have about 4 weeks left to harvest to get healthy. You may be able to get your plant to perk up some, but your yield will probably not be as good as if you could have caught this 4 weeks ago.
    I would do a good flush, lower PPM to 800-1000, adjust your ph solution. Most likely it is a combination of res temp and ph.
  3. COOL! Yea, water temp stays under 70 degrees as the room temp gets from 71 degrees to 83 (but I always turn the AC on if that happens to bring down the temperature!)

    The roots are actually very white! Very healthy I put a shot of Dutch Zone last time I did a water switch which was 3 weeks ago, I will be doing a reservoir change out today! and lower the PPM and The PH!
  4. spots = Ph.

    get that PPM to 1100 and steady, and temps down in the solution to reinvigorate.

    my .02

  5. Cool, I almost thought I had a Calcium deficiency as that does cause spotting I hear!

    What is a Good PH for Hydro? I hear 5.8 or 6.2, what do you folks think?
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    Yea... I was thinking 800 to start then up, depending on how the plants look over the first week. You really can't depend on what the label says for PPM. Probably close, but just right is best. So you just have to let your plants tell you what they need.
    If you are going to always do hydro there is a chiller that you can install on the reservoir that will drop the temp 10*. Is good for smaller reservoirs and around $100.00.
    Make sure you air stones are oxygenating the water good.
    I would say 5.8-6.2 on your ph is about right for nute uptake and lockout.
    PPM testers are ok, but an EC tester is better and some come with both EC and PPM.

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