Can anyone tell me what this is/used for?

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  1. Hi, I found this in my girlfriends pillow, can anyone tell me what it is and what its used for?

  2. To clean her ears
  3. she sticks them in your ass while your asleep
  4. Idk, why not ask her? Don't beat around the bush and just ask.

  5. I know she smokes pot, just wanted to know what this is for.
  6. I don't think that's for weed
  7. Pocket rocket bro, looks like your not satisfying her.
  8. I will confort her, but I need to know what it is so I'm not in the dark.
  9. man wtf is this a troll? If not just fucking ask her because worst thing is its a vibrator honestly. What do you need to comfort her from thats mad weird. She might even be pissed you looked through her shit. depends on the relationship though.
  10. Its for sure not a vibrator, the 2 piece long white thing is obviously an inhaler, the 2 white tubes look like 1 time filters. Thats what it looks like but I might be wrong.

    I don't need to explain our relationship but lets just say theres ALOT of lies that have come to light.
  11. [quote name='"badmannersgod"']

    I don't need to explain our relationship but lets just say theres ALOT of lies that have come to light.[/quote]

    No I think you should explain
  12. Looks like it could be a nicotine cartridge from a E-Cigarette. Does she smoke cigarettes?
  13. probably a cannacig basically its like an electric cig but for weed
  14. Get some more camera angles.
  15. Its some sort of inhaler, I've seen some asthma inhalers that look similar. You put a pill in the center with powder and it breaks open and you inhale the powder. Not sure if that is what this is though.
  16. thats a nicorette inhaler

    the little piece with the cotton inside, is the nicotine pellet

  17. My girlfriend had to use something like this when she has a yeast infection, she'd insert the pill into the canteen thing, crush the pill, then put it up her vagina... Then she'd pull it back out, and the pill would be gone... I once had to help her when she was so drunk she didn't know her own name...
    She could need it for something like a yeast infection, or she could be crushing pills with it...
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    OP has never smoked weed in his life, he just found something his girlfriend was hiding and thought it was for smoking weed because she smokes weed, so he just joined a stoner forum to make sure

    frankly, im offended ( LOL jk )
  19. It's used to quit smoking cigarettes.
  20. Actual size replica of your penis

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