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Can Anyone Tell Me What Kind Of Strain This Might Be?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MontyBurns, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Purchased off a new dealer and he didn't even know what is was, kind've sketchy but i've tried their stuff before and its good i've just never purchased off them


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  2. It's marijuana. That's all we can tell you. Unless you have a leaf or something, then we may be able to tell you if it's sativa or indica dominant.
  3. #3 MontyBurns, Jun 11, 2013
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    figured i was just hoping for the best, Here's the Lemon Kush i had yesterday

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  4. I'm actually picking that up in a couple days! How is it?
  5. Also, I'm not gonna ask whom or where you got it from.. But I see the vacumn seal in the pic ;)
    I think I know where you got it from. hahaa
  6. There is just no way to tell.  The visual characteristics of weed vary too much for that.  Sometimes you can get lucky..such as with certain purple strains but otherwise not gonna happen
  7. thats that bill cosby
  8. Impossible the bag ain't in the picture!!!
    I got it out here in Toronto luckily through a friend. its Great i found it putting me right to bed afterwards
  9. And its not sketchy for a dealer not to know what strain they have.  That is something you see a lot where I'm from.  IN non-medical states especially, the strains names often get lost through the middleman process and many times the dealer is just making it up anyway
  10. If I could give it a name it would be something along the lines of "It's gonna get you high" lol nice bud though!
  11. Seriously? Are people really this stupid?
    When you put it like that it'sn not sketchy at all anymore
    Thats the perfect strain!!!
    you seem like more of a irrational psychopath  
  13. You're buying from a dealer. It's just a picture of bud. How exactly does one derive a strain name from a picture of marijuana?
  14. Yeah seriously, there have been times I've asked a dealer what strain they have and was given a confused look lol.  A lot of them don't even give thought to it
  16. Its not stupid, its just ignorant..huge difference.  Do YOU know everything?
  17. Super Red Expresso Snowflake!
  18. whats that character on the simpsons? sideshow bob?
  19. You can't.
  20. Seriously, how many threads are there on this forum asking what strain is this?
    Way too many. These are only a small amount of them.

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