Can anyone tell me some personal experiences w/ these strains

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  1. I'm growing 17 plants now under a 400W MH/HPS switchable ballast. The plants are 8-10 inches tall right now in the fifth day of 12/12. Gender is starting to show. I hope to flower 2 of each of these strains.

    Bubbleberry, Power Plant, Blockhead, Special-K, and Skunk#1.

    I'll post a picture of the growroom below, but I have a couple of questions.

    The PowerPlants (4) now, all seem to show signs of the leaf tips curling up slightly. All other strains are very healthy, so I was wondering what would be causing this in this particular strain. Also, I originally ordered Sweet Tooth 3, yet they were out and sent me Blockhead. Does anyone know anything about this strain? I was expecting a strong indica, but by leaf structure, I think its a split. I would like to know a little more if anyone can help. I also have a hepa filter in the growroom, because I was told it would improve the tast of the Bubbleberry. Is this a myth, or will clean air actually improve the taste of the bud?

    The picture is about a week old. I'll post new soon.

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  2. not personally....woody would be best to help you out with the pp.....Peace out...Sid
  3. looks more than 17, maybe my eyes....
  4. 16 showing, one out of the picture. Mylar on the walls.
  5. isnt special k um.. like.. not weed? i thought it was a nick name for ketamine
  6. I knew someone was going to say that. No, I'm not talking about animal tranquilizers. Sargarmatha Seed Company, ordered through seedsdirect. I think it's like 60% sativa, supposedly a strong cerebral high.

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  7. what does it mean when someone says a certain strain gives a "cerebral" high?
  8. It means that the high is mainly in you're head, as opossed to a heavy stone that woody likes to call ..."couch lock" out...Sid
  9. Here`s a little info on Blockhead from the cannabis genetics site.
    This is a new addition to Spice of Life Seeds. The mother was selected from seed developed by one crazy yanqui. The exact origins are somewhat of a mystery. It is strong pot. The feminized mothers were fairly homogenous, although from several of the line, and another more extreme sativa. This mother had indica-like buds on a sativa sized plant. Crossed with the same SwT father as Sweet Tooth #3, I am sure you find it distinctly different from anything on the market. It should probably not even be on the market as it encourages psychosis. Not good for unstable folks! It has been known to magnify neurotic behaviour.

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  10. Thank you for the info. I'm in a state of worry now because I have only achieved about 25% female rate w/ only 6 still unknown. My yield is gonna be lame compared to what I thought I'd have. So far I have 3 ladies! 1 PP, 1 BH, and 1 BB. I've always been an unlucky bastard though! I cant wait to try the power plant and blockhead both. As long as I've been smoking, the stronger, the better.
  11. i dont understand this whole growing thing...
    what do you guys do with your male plants?
    do they produce seeds?
    why arent male plants as good as female plants? is the thc content lower or something?

    thanks for any help
  12. I know you could find this answer somewhere on this site, but I'll tell you a little. Female plants preduce preflowers that turn into "bud" (what we all like to smoke). Male plants produce preflowers that basically turn into groups of pollen sacks (no bud). Pollen is eventually released from these sacks to fertilize the female plants. As pollen gets entrapped in the bud on the female plants, seeds are produced. That is how plants reproduce in the wild. As the female dies, all seeds are dropped to the ground where they can have their chance at growing. I just cut male plants and throw them away. They do contain some amount of THC, but to me it's just not worth smoking it. Hemp is derived from male plants. You need to do some research on marijuana if you are interrested in cultivation. You can find a lot of pre-posted info on sites like this one.
  13. fuck that mirror thing is trippy
  14. Once again... It's not a mirror. It's a product called mylar (reflective sheet) that doesn't create "hot spots" on the plants.
  15. and i was pretty stoned at the

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