Can anyone tell me if my plants are dying?

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  1. They are Auto white widow, planted on sunshine advanced rainforest blend soil. and I've been feeding them plain tap water with ph at 6.5-7.0 and ppm meter reads 235ppm. i have light on 24hours and they've been this size for 4 days.
  2. Here are some pics

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  3. They're not dying. At first, most of the growth is underground
    as the plants send down roots. After a week or two, they'll start
    shooting up.
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  4. what about some of them curling like that is it normal?
    on plants1 the top one is curling down and plants2 the middle and bottom one look all twisted up.
    I thought i was over watering them.

    Should i start feeding them, with big boom?
    the food in that soil is only good for a week.

    and last question should i transplant to fox farm ocean would that be a problem?
  5. Don't start feeding them yet. They're not ready for that.

    The curling leaves could be from over watering.
    How often do you water them and how much at a time?
    I use a spray bottle and just spray heavily two
    or three times a day at this stage.

    I don't know much about transplanting, as I plant
    into a 5 gallon bucket and just leave it in there
    for the entire grow.
    I do know that it's preferred to transplant into
    the same soil, but I couldn't imagine it hurting
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    I think youre right ive been feeding them too much water. I fed 1/4 cup everyday plus mist the top.
    I just bought some 2 gallon pots and ffo soil to transplant them to.
    My friend said to just shake the excess dirt of the root and transplant them, i dont know if thatl be a good idea tho. I heard autos shouldnt be transplanted. Being i made the mistake of starting them in a cup, i will have to transplant them, but shaking the dirt of the root this early scares me.
  7. No. Don't shake the soil from the roots.
    Just tip the cup upside down and
    gently squeeze until the whole mass
    comes out.
    Some people say to water first, but that
    just makes the mass fall apart like mud
    IMO, and the one time I did transplant,
    I did it dry with no problem. I watered
    heavily after it was in the new pot.
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  8. I wont be shaking it. Being i didint water it yet I'll go ahead and transplant them in a few hours. I appreciate the help.
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  9. I word give that at least another week before transplanting, it's like not even 1 cm tall not really gonna shit for roots yet keep it in that for a week or two until it needs to be transplanted, and then once you do it will explode it its new pot
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  10. I'm growing Aurora autos from it Stresses the Plant out big time when you transplant them. But you have to do if before it's too late. Do what Blix said! But I heard watering them if they're in Solo cups before you transplant them it's easier! just don't give them water or if there already wet which you said you overwater them just spray the top soil a little bit! NEVER SPAY THE LEAVES! It Takes nutes from the leaves and they can dry out a little. Just be careful when you water them that's all. Good Luck! Here's my autos [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] the last pic is an auto that got nitrogen toxicity. so I flushed it now it's on its road back to recovery!

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  11. That soil looks Woody? It can be bad for the roots and pH!!!

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  12. They Look Good! Transplant them in a week.

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  13. Ok, I will wait another week. Im beating my self up for starting them in cups. I found out after i had planted them that autos shouldnt be transplanted. I appreciate all the help.
  14. Robbie, Your plants look awesome.
    I got mine from MOC, it got here in 5 days i was pretty impressed. I got 1 extra seed for free and they all germinated.
  15. Really Good Deal! I'm getting ready for second grow. But your plants are not dying they look Good Btw: you have your seedlings on 24/7? I started mine on 20/4 now 18/6! Plants Need rest. Plus they grow in the dark

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  16. My plants are dying the minute they sprout

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  17. Your Right SD. My autos The younger one I had to flush because of nitrogen toxicity. But my healthy plant is thriving now! I have to raise the lights every day She has Tight Nodes all over, should of lst the leaves! It's still not too late. They're going to be switched tomorrow now there under 3/26 watt CFL's. Have all my supplies I need
    Apollo tent 36x22x62
    Marshydro 600 watt 120x5
    Apollo in-line Carbon filter with speed control 200 cfm
    4" Booster fan 100 cfm
    4 inch clip on fan comfort zone
    4" x 25 feet of ducking non-insulated
    Plus Cfl's for shaded areas
    Medium: Green tree Super soil all ready aged![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] any suggestions or feedback.

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  18. I have them on 24/7, I'll change it. I thought with autos it didin't matter.

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