Can anyone tell me about this bong?

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  1. Could you give me an example of something better?
  2. Find a lhs. Period.
  3. looks like a solid piece man, 9mm glass. for $85 I would buy
  4. yeah... with like 30$ shipping man

  5. yeah fuck that lol
    ssfg travel tube
  6. Thank you!
  7. Hey guys if anyone reads this go to it has bunch of pot BONGS CHEAP i got bought one for about 7 dollars 7'' I believe smooth bowl cheap and fast shipping! they package well GO NOW!
  8. Yeah... cheap low quality think Chinese glass... fuck that website
  9. HELL NO its all made in the CA no cheap ass glass though i dont think so
  10. Shitty cheap thin glass can me American made too man.
  11. No... it's really not, you look like a kid in your profile pic, I doubt you'd know. Have you ever purchased from them? It's FUCKING trash.
  12. 9mm glass.

    itd be a solid tube.
  13. well okay but can you tell me a good cheap good quality bong to buy
  14. Don't skimp on yourself man. Save up for quality.
    im here using a shitty homade metal pipe and your telling me to save up HA!
  16. Buy a fucking metal cig and save up!
  17. I say no, because I don't see a diffuser / percolator so this is going to be pretty basic. You should be able to find something with a diffuser or percolator within that price range
  18. Soulshine family glass is always worth a look on a budget, let us know how you go.

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