Can anyone tell me about the knife laws in florida?

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  1. Im sure theres at least a few floridians here that know about the knife laws(im looking mainly for open carry laws)
    Ive found the statutes and what not, and they only talk about concealed carry, and brandishing with malicious intent(but they say it in longer terms)
    It doesnt say anything about like carrying a sheathed knife on a belt or something.
    So does anyone have any clue?
  2. i no around here (PA) the common rule of thumb is if the blades longer then your palm then its probably illegal. luckily for me i have big hands, so i always keep a bowie knife!
  3. have you tried google?
    i gurarntee youll find the answer
  4. If you stick the blade in someone up to the "front bolster" and handle, and it requires 2 hands to pull it out....Then it's considered illegal
  5. You can have a small blade and you can have it in your pocket strapped to your outer pocket. I carry, you can too.
  6. Ive tried google, but every thing is iffy, its mostly random survivalist forums where people are asking the same thing, but all the answers are as vague as the statutes, but im trying to find out for sure.
    But nobody seems to know. Lol
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  9. hahaha nice answer...
    I'll try google too..

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