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can anyone tell me about ice??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mr.niceguy619, May 15, 2006.

  1. when i say ice i mean's the name of the strain (clone) that i bought. i hate to admit but i didnt ask much about it when i bought it from the local (weed)club

    all i know is it's a female and it's called ice and the bud is supposed to be all white (according to the girl who worked there)

    so anyone know bout ice??
  2. whatchu know about ice?
  3. When I saw this thread I was gonna get on my soapbox about meth (I work in a big meth area) and give you true, first hand information as to why you should not use it. But then I read your thread lol.

    But an all white bud would be pretty sexy.
  4. whatchu know?? i dont know nothin bout it except it should be all white bud
  5. na man no meth here. you know thats somethin i dont get.....this site is bout "grass" and people come here askin bout other drugs:confused: and i thought white bud would look sexy also (the reason i bought it) it was ice or ak-47 at the time, and ice is new to me:hello:
  6. Is it white with crystals, or is it like white plant matter?
  7. yeah man, this ice bud is sick. you break it up alot then you can actually sniff it. its crazy
  8. Ice will deffinately be my next strain
  9. I was thinking about getting ice but it's yields just weren't that appealing for outdoor grow so I think I'm going with Afghani to replace it's slot.
  10. well right now the plant is a (lighter) green but it's still veggin
  11. [​IMG]

    Not bad at all.
  12. do you know about the yeild for if it is indoor?? (thats me= indoor) also anyone else know anythin bout it?? is it an indica or sativa?? (or a cross-strain)
  13. wow!!! thats ice?? if so im fuc'n glad i bought this over the ak:hello:
  14. took those pictures right outa my mouth... :confused: er something... but yea ice is some pretty lookin stuff
  15. wow that looks sick!!! what are weed clubs anyway?
  16. well i call it a "weed club" it's actually called a dispencery(sp) but i have a medical mj card, so i can go to the "weed clubs" and buy bud, cookies, clones...ect...ect man i love bein leagal to buy bud:smoke: (yester i went and bought me a nice lil sac of super silver i love that strain, 2nd time i picked that up)
  17. i read that it yields about 14.175 ounces if grown indoors but it was from a site that sold seeds so i have reason to believe they say it yields a little more then it really does but its some dank bud so 14 ounces of that sticky stuff will last you a while.
  18. what??? i thought plants only yiels 1-1.5 oz's?? man i would be set if a plant could yield 14 oz's

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