can anyone tell if this ROOR is fake or real?

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  1.  it is over a year old and dirty, but any help would be awesome.

  2. Looks like a legit US made RooR. 
  3. prolly fake da top be lookin' kinda fucked up
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    [quote name="666Bleezys" post="19396600" timestamp="1390544869"]prolly fake da top be lookin' kinda fucked up[/quote]Do you speak English? And no op I don't think is a legit roor
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  5. Actually it's the bent neck that makes me think it's real.  I know for a fact RooR US made bent necks.
  6. Ice pinches are RooR correct...3 of them and nubbed not pointy. It looks legit to me, if it's take it's a damn nice fake.
  7. I got this a long with a ROOR bowl/downstem for $100. Good deal? Or rip off? Thanks again!!
  8. Those costed like $250.00 new. You got it used, right? 
  9. Looks real to me Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. Your longs aren't going to be able to tell either way Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. Yes I bought it used
  12. Yes I bought it used
  13. Well if you said you bought it new for $100.00 then I'd say it was fake.  Now I'm 100% convinced that's a real RooR so I'd say good deal.
  14. Evenly spaced nubbed ice pinches. label facing to the right, trademark, glass 5mm+ thick, signature in place....Yup. It is an Authentic Roor.....German or American? No one can tell unless they have seen that specific piece from their catalog. BOTH make a bent neck.....but you can tell that what you got is a damn good find for the price.
  15. If legit, it's definately US and not German.  As far as I know Roor Germany does not make bent necks.  Also the sig, if you look at it...looks american.  The sigs on American roors aren't done to the same craftsmanship as the german ones, the one in the pic is flat and the line isn't a consistent width.  IMO the sig is the easiest way to determine if a roor is a german one.
    Was looking at it on my tablet...But yeah, good call. But I'm pretty sure the did make some called Lazy Neck or Reclining Neck. May have been a custom option. I know that they requested/demanded to stop making them. And after looking for some evidence of either story.....found that these fuckers are getting $400+ used.
     So hella good find for the OP.
  17. Good find, OP. I personally wouldn't mind picking that up for $100.
  18. Awesome thanks guys!! I was really nervous that I got ripped off. :)
  19. Kick ass, man. RooR tubes are so damn classy.
  20. Hey guys! Sorry but one more thing to say! I measured the thickness of the glass and it is a solid 7mm thickness everywhere, is this a bad sign? Or a good sign? Thanks!!!

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