Can Anyone Summarize All Seasons of Dexter for me?

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  1. I've lost interest in this show after the second season. I know that he almost got caught killing that black dude and then in the third season, i think, someone is onto him about killing people. Can someone summarize and spoil all off Dexter thus far? Im just curious whats happening
  2. Season 3 is when Dexter meets Miguel Prado, he killed his brother and was at the crime scene the next day and met him, Miguel finds out and they start killing together, theres a dude called the skinner, woopty woop miguel and dexter have a falling out dexter kills him. proposes to rita gets murried. this season is still kind of a blur to me but jimmy smits is amazing as Miguel Prado.

    season 4 is the best by far, Trinity killer is in, played by John Lithgow, excellent week in and week out, he's living the married life got all the kids and him under 1 roof, meets trinity, wants to learn from him, going against his dark passenger he lets him live, his teenage daughter tries to fuck him when he sees the animal in trinity and his asking her shit, he attacks trinity at thanksgiving i think it was he's about to kill him and his family busts in so he leaves, kidnaps a boy, he kills 4 people at a time each time, rita makes out with the neighbor, dexter punches him, quinn starts boning this sexy chick named christine who turns out to be trinitys daughter and kills fbi agent lundy that deb is with, she gets shot too, blah blah blah rita and dexter and the kids are gonna go on a vacation rita forgets something at the house trinity kills her and then dexter kills trinity later, dexter comes home to find ritas body in the bathtub and harrison in a pool of her blood. Born in blood, both of us.

    and so far in season 5, dexter tells the kids, astir is mad at him and says its his faullt and he doesnt even care shes dead, everyone is having suspicions about dexter, quinn thinks hes got something cuz the neighbor told him about the situation. Dexter plans to leave Miami on his boat, hes out of gas, reflects on the past and is like I gotta go back, he kills a guy in the bathroom after he says ur dead wife can suck my dick, and we see an emotional outburst from him like we've never seen, he goes back gives the eulogy, still blaming himself for her death cuz he could've prevented it but allowed it to happen. Finds out he genuinely loves her.
  3. So the main jist of those seasons is Rita is murdered, dexter didnt care then he did care at the end when he tried to run away on a boat then he return to miami
  4. More like didn't know he cared so much, when Harrison was born he admitted he's never wanted anything more in his life than to see him grow and raise him with Rita, said he had a partner for life and he was content, maybe happy.

    Watch season 4, it's an amazing season, Lithgow got an emmy for his performance on the season, as did Jimmy Smits for season 3, that one is sort of slow, but season 4 is the shit.

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