Can anyone show me how to make bubble buckets ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WanusPieHole, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, i think i generally get the concept on making bubble buckets, but i want to be sure i know everything im supposed to know before i try them, im you have links or information on how to make them, and how to maintain your plant while its in one, please help a friend out. thanks for you time, and keep blazin.
  2. HIGH All, right on another Bubble Bucket Head...All I use is a 5gl bucket with the lid cut to hold a 6" net pot, a good air pump, the hose that goes from the pump to the Bucket...some use a I go without, up to you. A PH pen is a must when doing Hydro...of coarse lights, fert etc.

    It's not expensive or's rather easy and cheap!!! I'll be here (or nearby) if you need more help WanusPieHole.
  3. thanks for the links john. I'll keep you guys posted if i am having any trouble.
  4. and we'll be here to help. btw, how many plants are you gonna grow? to what height? meathod (ScrOG, SOG, BOG, natural)?
  5. im going to grow one thai in the great old outdoors, one random bag seed probably in a radom spot outdoors, and im not sure what kind of seed is going to be growing in the bubble bucket, cause the only other seeds i have besides thai and crap seeds are sativa mixes (dont want to have a huge sativa indoors) and indoor mix. so i will probably do one of the indoor mix seeds in the bubble bucket.... or maybe a thai with alot of training... cause i would like to have a large yield, but i heard pure thai's take a very long time to veg when indoors, and im too impatient, plus thats that much more of a chance i will have to kill it... oh well... please input if you have a suggestion on what i should put in the bubble bucket.

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