can anyone ship seeds in the us

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  1. can anyone ship seeds in the us.
  2. .... like from person to person? And are you asking if anyone here will ship you seeds? You're gunna start a lot of problems asking something like that with 3 posts.
  3. im simply askin on the possibilities on it. generally what to look out for
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    Kinda, there are a few sites that do ship seeds everywhere
    It is rather risky though. Some sites ship seeds in other objects that you could find laying around the house other sites just ship them as they are. One time I bought about 20 seeds and the were inside the cardboard. :smoking:
  5. lol Yea sorry man you just always have to wonder. But yea I've heard good things about that seed bank^^^. And a lot of people go with Dr. Chronic or too. And as long as your not shipping to the growing house you basically only worrying about loosing your money and getting a letter from the govt. about it. No reign of terror or anything like they would make it seem.
  6. way to keep folks in check.. I wanted to ask the same but was leery of my newbie post count.:smoking:
  7. No, officer.

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