Can anyone say if this is good or not?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nick0891, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. my friend recently bought half an ounce from some kid, I'm no expert by any means so I'm hoping you guys can tell me if he got ripped off or if it looks good. Thanks!

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  2. Smoke it and find out. It doesnt LOOK that great imo tho...

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  3. You got a half there
    What did you pay?
  4. I
    i didn't buy it but he said $90
  5. I bought an ounce of bud off of a dude in south texas that looked exactly like that for $25. They would smoke it by the blunt to get high. Not because its cheap and you could- but you literally had to smoke that much to feel anything other than a wicked bad headache.

    That looks like the same stuff that would always pop up in that neighborhood. I never saw an O go for more than $50.

    But you cant judge a book by its cover. Might be totally different, it just looks exactly like it.

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  6. Tha k
    thanks for the input. I'll let you guys know after he smokes it
  7. it's pretty bad looking
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  8. He paid $90 for that?

    Yes, yes he did get ripped off.:coolalt:
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  9. That stuff is no good bro... WTF are the black specs? Bud Rot?
  10. The weed is fine, just probably not good.

    Hard to tell from a picture though, shit can look reg as fuck and still lift you into the clouds.:coolalt:
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  11. Yeah that's what he's telling me. He said he bought this same stuff a few days ago and he said it was great so for all I know I got a bad pic. I'll keep you guys updated once he smokes.
  12. I don't think it looks half bad. I think you need to look at it closer. At closer inspection, it's actually leafy and appears to be somewhat crystally. I Think it's not bunk, I think it's at bare minimum, beasters (good mids).
  13. It looks like reggggie lol

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  14. Thanks for all the intputs guys but we're smoking it right now and to be honest it's good. Looks a lot better in person than in the picture so I can't complain.
  15. But still an entire oz of that shouldn't of cost anymore than 60-100 bucks depending on location but 90 for a half isn't good in any state for reg... you could of bought 9 grams of some dank for that... [​IMG] 9 grams of this? Or 14 grams of that? It's a no brainer... but honestly buying from a kid was the first mistake... all they know is Reggie the kid that sold y'all that probably never seen good weed before.
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  16. Thats cheap. I wish Michigan had those prices. My favorite strain is $420 an ounce- although there are def cheaper strains, most are still between $250 and $300.

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  17. 250 is under 10 bucks a gram so it seems you do have those prices unless you consider my first harvest some premium 420 an oz bud haha.

    But buying smaller amounts for 10 a gram can be challenging that's where having good connections and friends come in.

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  18. Should count yourself lucky it costs $200 for a half here at the moment

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  19. This is true! lol
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    I can get a half O of dank for 90-140 depending on the strain.

    I can get a full ounce of reggies for 60. 90 isn't terrible, but it's not the best either.

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