Can anyone recommend a good bong in the 200 range?

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  1. I have this shitty little $20 glass glow in the dark bong that hits really harsh and burns like hell. I want to start saving up for a nicer one, preferably with a percolator. My original plan was to get a frosted blue PURE glass 10 arm percolated beaker bong, but I've thrown that plan out because several people on other threads and websites have said that PURE glass sucks because they have a lot of drag and can break fairly easy, and they said that the percolated ones are especially bad. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend any other brands that I could check out instead.
  2. you want to stay away from colored chinese tubing because the quality is pretty inconsistant
    i have seen some super nice pure glass pieces tho... im not sure where you heard they break easily
    if you can afford it i would go w/ a US tubes 9mm Beaker - those things are solid - set you back a bit more than $200
  3. exactly what yo ass wanted cept that right ther is sum of da finest qaulty glass a niggas seen, n' you aint gonna have no drag, feel me
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    Well, since he replied to you in this thread and he's not pimping his wares, I'll do it for him.

    I'd shoot that guy, jhanpixel a message and ask what he can do for you.

    P.S. He's a glass blower, he's just shy. ;)

    P.S.S. Not sure on the rules with this anymore, I figure if we can link to outside sites, we ought to be able to shoot possible business to actual members, also. I don't own any of jhan's glass. I know him, I know his work. He makes nice glass, for fair prices.
  5. Yeah I actually saw the exact same frosted blue percolated bong in a picture on a head shop's yelp page, only this one had hello kitty on it where the pure glass logos should be. So these bongs probably are mass produced in a factory overseas and they just put different logos on them depending on who they're for. The US tubes look pretty nice and I also saw this percolated 8 arm medicali bong with a with a diffused downstem for $230 right here on grasscity. Are they a good brand?
  6. There's a black leaf honey comb perc to dome perc with splash guard on grasscity for 159.99Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    If you're willing to spend $160, then you can get much better glass than Black Leaf. 
  8. [quote name="Brenkin" post="19399193" timestamp="1390591710"]If you're willing to spend $160, then you can get much better glass than Black Leaf. [/quote] yea but I just like the bee decal lol Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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